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Firstaudit app: digital work instructions and operating instructions

firstaudit is a solution for the recurring work steps to be documented.

A work instruction is an aid and a guide for the workplace. An instrument that helps the employee to carry out his or her work completely autonomously and in accordance with the required specifications and quality. Did you know that you can easily digitize all your work instructions and it be much more comfortable with your daily business? Quite simply: with the firstaudit work instruction app. Step by step, the necessary specifications are created there - without any programming skills. When creating a work instruction in the form of a digital checklist, it is necessary to determine the reasons for how, where, how and how well. In addition to the purpose of the work, the workplace or scope as well as the definition of the detailed workflow with its corresponding quality standards, further questions have to be considered, which play a role in the execution of the respective activity. Who has to do the work, what is to be done, what is to work with and why is the activity to be carried out - questions that concern the definition of quality standards. This includes definitions of responsibility, procedures, the necessary tools, as well as explanations and notes on the work to be carried out. In the firstaudit work assignment app, all these standards are now available in a clear, intuitive and easy-to-organize place. Digital. Everything at a glance. Always brand-new.

Another area is operational safety. This is based on the operating instructions. And, of course, this can also be displayed digitally. In the case of an operating instruction, this is the information and arrangement of the employer about the correct and safe handling of work equipment as well as of hazardous substances. The operating instructions are binding for every employer. For the protection of its personnel and to ensure the safe running of all work processes in the company at all times. Particularly in the chemical industry and in raw material processing plants, the work equipment and machines are assigned a color-coded operating instructions. It contains instructions and notes on the dangers when dealing with the respective machine as well as protective measures and behavioral rules, behavior in the case of faults, accidents, first aid and proper maintenance and disposal. Operating instructions can also be perfectly digitized. You can find out how to do this with the experts for digital checklist management. Please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to advise and support you.




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