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Survey app and mobile data collections

Those who want to position themselves successfully in their market environment need in-depth information about the market itself and its business environment. A systematic market research helps to get this information. In the run-up, of course, there are certain considerations: Which kind of information is important and which goal shall be reached by the market research. This leads to a corresponding questionnaire that has to be answered within an interview or another survey. No matter if survey or market research app or interview system – with the help of the cleverly designed firstaudit survey app for market research, interviews and surveys can be created and managed easily.

Get mobile: with the firstaudit survey app for market research

Whether you intend to conduct surveys in areas without or with active Internet access: In line with market research tasks, the firstaudit survey app for market research makes it easy to carry out interviews both online and offline. By using firstaudit's digital survey app for market research, you can capture all data relevant to the survey and conduct surveys regardless of location – quite easy by using the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. So the enquirer can easily have face-to-face interviews, check off the responses in the app's checklist, and automatically sync the full survey results to the main server whenever the system is back online.

Think global: global access and centralized management

No matter where you are, in Europe, Asia, Australia, the US ....: The mobile solution for the market research survey can be operated both offline and online. The survey database can also be managed without internet access. You have access to the entire portfolio of your interviews worldwide at any time and can always start with the next action. The system runs on all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and co. with the operating systems Android, Windows and iOS. The advantage: Those who already have an existing pool of equipment do not have to worry about the acquisition and implementation of new specialized equipment or software. After all, the firstaudit survey app for market research can easily and simply be incorporated into the existing infrastructure of every company. And of course, as an administrator, you decide on the granting of rights for the optionally restricted or complete access to the app's feature portfolio. Just depending on the sphere of authority. This allows you to specifically control who or which teams are used in which survey scenarios and when and where the app is used. Always transparent, completely under control, always with everything in view.

What you see is what you get: Professional performance in a perfect look

You know this: When you open some websites you think: Wow! Very nicely done! Or you are amazed at how few people are able to get a successful website out of the web. The same applies to the appearance in the area of ​​the market research survey. A report including graphically appealingly staged analysis and results turns out to be quite different if it is strikingly articulated, color coordinated homogeneous and tidy therefore comes. Or just in the professional garb of your own corporate CI. The firstaudit survey app for market research can be fully customized and personalized. How exactly this works, let's be our concern. We offer a graphical presentation of the results for all mobile devices of each operating system. Always clearly structured, completely, error-free ticked off. Ready for publishing. Follow-up was yesterday. Firstaudit simply makes the world more colorful.

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These are the benefits of the first audit survey app for market research:

  • A quick, straightforward implementation in your infrastructure
  • No guts to the gap: you enjoy the entire portfolio of functions. Without compromises. What the app can do on the server can be your app on your mobile device for a long time. 
  • Access to everything: The wide world of question types. Your choice!.
  • Secure, secure, yes sure! Even without active Internet access, the archiving of photos or films as well as the surveys and their results in the app is possible. Online anyway! Our cloud solution and the central database are available for you.
  • Are you accessing an internet connection? Fine! Then the system will automatically synchronize itself and store the survey results as needed where you need them. All a question of attitude. Of course, you can also easily upload and save the files you want.
  • All power to the boss: The helmsman is the administrator. He is responsible for the allocation of restrictions in terms of functionality and messaging traffic in favor of an undisturbed operation in the survey.
  • Doubling in the selection of questions? Not with us: The intelligent infrastructure of the firstaudit survey app for market research prevents the collection of irrelevant questions.
  • Everything in view, at any time: Who is doing which survey when and where? What's done, what's left? The quota control ensures the correct survey cut and a smooth, tailored to their own needs performing all tasks in the context of market research and determines the scope of the contract.
  • On the go internationally - that works? Of course! There is almost every language for the app. Multi-lingual on the go, after the analysis has been completed, the threads will converge in live reporting thanks to the synchronization of all results in real time. Where you need it. First audit. An idea more.