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firstaudit Mystery Shopping App: The software for the employee quality check

If there is a problem in the company and the cause for it may not be obvious at all, the search for the reasons is often difficult. Where do I start? If the processes in the company are fundamentally clean, an inspection of the staff often provides clarification. The best way to check and assess the quality of work of employees is through the commitment of an in-house mystery shopper. And manage comfortably with the intuitive, clever firstaudit Mystery Shopping App.

Test purchases as valuable support in quality management

The mystery shopper is about an actor who helps as a test buyer to gain insight into the perspective of the customer. All questions are asked that can concern the customer in the entire purchase process - starting with entering the shop, direct contact and advice from the seller to leaving the sales room. From the point of view of the mystery shopper, parameters such as general service, advice, the appearance of the employees and the impression of the atmosphere, the cleanliness and the presentation of the goods are of course put to the test for his shopping. The entire spectrum in terms of product sales. In the end, the management receives valuable information via a detailed protocol of the Mystery Shopper, which is created using the scalable checklist of the firstaudit Mystery Shopping app, which can be used to optimize the criticized criteria in the company.

Log and evaluate down to the last detail

The firstaudit Mystery Shopping App is the perfect tool for mystery shoppers who are supposed to ensure that all questions related to the shopping experience are documented smoothly down to the last detail. The examination focuses particularly on evaluating the performance of employees, also with regard to compliance with applicable regulations and, of course, their behavior at the workplace. In addition, a lot of additional information, such as the design of the offer or the presentation of the ambience, can provide information about the quality of products, their sales opportunities and services, which inevitably means that potential for improvement can be identified after evaluating the results. The goal or positive effect of these inspections is obvious: to be able to strengthen your position and generate market advantages over the competition. With the help of the easy-to-navigate, cleverly designed firstaudit Mystery Shopping App, the auditor has the checklist management tailored precisely to these requirements and can easily record and tick off all questions and sub-items point by point. Complete and without annoying rework. Completely paperless with the help of his mobile device such as smartphone or tablet. And in the end, the documentation, if requested with digitally created photos on site and provided with your own notes in the form of suggestions for improvement and ideas, can simply be sent to the management via email and saved on the company's own server. Everything in real time. Crunchy, purposeful and quick.

Cross-sector solution for professional quality management

Professionalism and empathy or negligence and phlegm? What characterizes in-house service? Find out! When entering the store, one thing counts in mystery shopping: being well prepared. After all, it is about an objective, sustainable evaluation of the offer, regardless of whether it is a product or a service. The intelligent firstaudit Mystery Shopping App covers the requirements of almost all industries in which mystery shoppers can travel. Regardless of whether in service-oriented segments such as hotels or restaurants, or in the myriad business areas such as retail, where the focus is on product sales. While, for example, the friendliness of the waiters, the quality of the dishes, the waiting time and the ambience and cleanliness of the kitchen and sanitary facilities are in the foreground when visiting a restaurant, the professional advice and presentation of the seller are the top priorities when selling products. This includes, for example, the processing of returns after purchase in the store: How will I be looked after by another employee when returning the goods? But also the review of the effectiveness of freshly updated guidelines in accordance with the question of whether these are also observed by the staff across branches and departments. Everything for the goal of optimizing the operational business in the company. In the end, detailed information counts. Reliably documented and documented. Perfectly implementable with the smart app solution from firstaudit.

Installation of the firstaudit mystery shopping software: child's play!

The possibility to inspect the quality in the company is closer than you think. And it's easy to plan. Important prerequisite: Carefully weighing up all the conditions that are important for the use of the mystery shopper, such as the costs and benefits of the test purchase for the company, defining the possible areas of application, creating useful questionnaires and checklists for evaluating services and products. Those who can define their goals and keep an eye on them create market advantages. The capital? First and foremost, a functioning employee pool. Who works how efficiently? Who develops sales further? What about your own marketing, the product portfolio and their quality? Does the staff follow the guidelines that apply in the company? Questions that can be answered in the shortest possible time using a clear inspection concept. We would be happy to help you and together with you we will create a digital checklist that is tailored to your requirements and is coherent down to the last detail. Talk to us and let us convince you of the diverse possibilities of the professional, mobile, digital firstaudit Mystery Shopping App!

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