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Software for quality assurance: Ensure quality easily with firstaudit

Quality assurance is a big challenge and yet easy to assure. With the software for quality assurance by firstaudit, audits become an easy task. The mobile application leads exactly through every test. That way, nothing gets out of sight and yet users remain flexible at all times: all individual information and results gained during quality control can be dynamically integrated into the mobile application. All entries are synchronized and can be used by all immediately. So everyone is always at the same level. This prevents sources of error. In short: quality assurance at its best.

Of course, quality assurance in the company must be carefully planned ahead. In doing so, a great variety of details have to be considered, which must be reliably reflected in the test process. In this specific case, this QA plan is based on a checklist system: For every imaginable case in terms of maintenance, service and inspection, individually adapted, scalable and expandable checklists can be created via browser pages, also in cooperation with the manufacturer, and via the firstaudit quality assurance software This means that firstaudit uses checklists created in a backend based on the inspection objects to be inspected, which can be imported as a CSV file as well as from an SAP or ERP system. Each category stands for a station within the framework of quality assurance and can then be processed and checked step by step.

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This is how firstaudit works

  • Perfectly organized inspection processes down to the last detail:
    One of the advantages of the firstaudit software for quality assurance is that every single result and every test position can always be traced down to the smallest detail: in this way, the inspected system or machine can be included in the process in the event of a new inspection. Often, reviewers add a number of hints that will allow for later tracking of audits. Firstaudit enables the addition of comments and notes, which facilitates later evaluation. Using the firstaudit software for quality assurance, photos can also be taken on site for verification and installed in the maintenance documentation for later verification.

  • IT security with first audit:
    Companies are always the target of hackers, with sensitive data in the focus. Apps are often a security vulnerability. The software developers from firstaudit have taken precautions and integrated various security features. When it comes to in-house security, firstaudit advocates the granting of rights of use through roles: each authorized person is assigned a role, which gives her all the functions that are also attached to this role. For privacy the DSGVO serves. With the help of the firstaudit app, proof of a test person can be provided at any time via the integrated signature or signature function. The electronic signature is stored in the central database. The developer "pure style" offers its app only with special licenses, which in turn cause the data from the quality assurance in the data sovereignty of the enterprise to remain. This means that the company itself must ensure that the GDPR is complied with.

  • International use through multilingualism:
    Another specialty of the system is the ability to use the software in multiple languages: The examiner uses his own language and another inspector uses the language of his location, all in front of the extremely practical and extremely effort-saving and time-saving background that covered by all involved Data converges and synchronizes in a centralized database. This means that they are ultimately available in a common language, which greatly simplifies evaluations and comparisons.

  • Insight into all processes - at any time:
    Quality assurance needs a lot of data that is available for two different evaluation options. On the one hand, it is necessary to inspect individual tests and to look specifically at specific audits. On the other hand, the data on audit groups must be condensed. Important detail: The examiner must use the existing network or the W-LAN, so that the offered real-time option is available and the results can be viewed directly in the backend.

  • Usability of interfaces:
    All data recorded in the company must be archived as required by law over a defined period of time in order to be presented as a company document within the scope of a possible check, which can be retrieved at any time. This is fully guaranteed by the firstaudit software for quality assurance. Finally, all documents archived on the central server can be called up at any time and made available via interfaces such as ERP or SAP. This allows other systems to access and process these records.

  • Functionality for all standards and certificates:
    The high quality of the apps from firstaudit documents the functionality according to the specifications such as DIN EN 13549, DIN EN ISO 9001 or SUVA and other standards according to ISO and the approach of CMMI for the improvement of software processes. Employees can use checklists and standard sheets to identify normative deviations. In practice, some discrepancies are often identified only when the client complains because the required quality is not offered. This is where our software quality comes into play. Cleverly designed software is designed to integrate all data, ensuring consistently high quality.