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Checklists and process logs are a key part of everyday work in many industries. More often than not, excessive effort and excessive paper go hand in hand. Firstaudit provides professional and user-friendly remedies - plus plenty of savings potential to boot.

checklist app for authorities

firstaudit – Easier work with authorities

A familiar scenario: An on-the-spot administrative official completes a list by hand, while another employee has to enter the data into the electronic data system to ensure it is properly recorded. And only after double-checking whether it has been correctly and completely recorded is any assessment possible. Previously, a whole series of procedures were required to get things in motion as well as assistance from several workers. And since both electronic and paper-based lists are output, this makes it even more complex.

The new Checklist app works effectively in several places and simplifies, streamlines and accelerates the process, since data is immediately available in the enterprise software after one-time input. Even tools such as appointment managers or wiki systems can be implemented. The firstaudit advantage is the ability to flexibly adapt and customise all functions to suit your company needs. We can also link firstaudit to your IT landscape on request. Depend on us to adapt our checklist management to your corporate design as a matter of course. Your data couldn’t be more secure - we operate the app directly and not via Apple Store or Google Play on your device. If your device goes missing, the app can be blocked online immediately.

checklist app for industry

firstaudit – example industry application

Day-to-day inspection tours are the norm in industry, in which proper sequences have to be documented. This is where professional checklists, particularly for checking and logging machine processes, become imperative. Look no further than Firstaudit for support. Our checklist management can be used anywhere, on a location-specific basis, multilingually and on any number of mobile devices - even offline. All branches have standardised forms, which paves the way for uniform checking and inspections and reports with even more end impact. Crucial for the electronic checklist tour: On request, the firstaudit app can be tailored to read the barcodes of the machine park, allowing retrieval of individually configured checklists for the respective machines. Using electronic checklists renders the data immediately accessible for all evaluations - in virtually a single click - as well as facilitating archival of the same in a central database.