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Software for occupational health and safety

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the owner and managing director of a company must document both occupational health and safety in the company. Therefore, in addition to the evaluated risk assessment, the employer is obliged to document the corresponding occupational safety measures resulting from the risk assessment. In addition, the regular review of these measures must be documented.

All these tasks can be documented with the help of the clever firstaudit software to save time: Simply mobile on the tablet. Simply enter it into the checklist, evaluate it and automatically document it in the form of a final report and send it by e-mail.

Hazardous substances, environmental protection measures and defects in occupational safety must be fully documented and managed. With the firstaudit software for occupational safety, all employees in the company involved in the assessment and documentation of this occupational safety inspection can document these tasks in an extremely short time, conveniently and reliably and prepare the corresponding report on site. In addition to these documents, the firstaudit software for occupational health and safety also enables specialists to easily and uncomplicatedly prepare the required risk assessment.
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The firstaudit software for occupational health and safety can be individually tailored to the needs of any company. This means that no detail is ignored. Step by step, every machine and every building can be checked for safety defects and documented by entry in the checklist. But that's not all: within each inspection, location, hall and machine plans and components can be photographed and integrated into the checklist. Hazard points and defects as well as detailed plans and construction drawings can also be easily incorporated into the inspection. The highlight: Of course, the corresponding hazardous substances and necessary measures for occupational safety can be assigned exactly where they should be available in the test report as evidence. This is an advantage that ensures safety during testing and a perfect overview. The evaluation can of course be sent immediately after completion to the responsible skilled worker in order to remedy the documented defects promptly. This enables companies to fully comply with their obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Because anyone who filters the operational defects in the structured and clear firstaudit list of defects by category, location, responsibility and time period and reliably executes the corresponding entries receives perfect documentation at the end, which is also legally secure via digital signature. Can be archived for years, always traceable and retrievable at any time in the event of an audit. Rely on the firstaudit documentation software for occupational safety and health. Responsible and legally compliant for the benefit of your company.

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