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Reporting app for documentation

Teams have to be managed in large organizations, because without a targeted control a confused action would arise, checks would be incomprehensible. The work processes must be clearly structured and controlled in order to make them meaningful. Firstaudit is an app developed for both iOS and Android, which, among other things, offers the possibility of identifying repetitive work processes on the smartphone or tablet for daily business and to remind the auditor quickly and clearly about his mobile device when the check is due. In addition, a success check is possible, so that it is possible to check at any time whether due audits have already been carried out or whether a checklist still needs to be completed. A Windows version is available as a browser variant.

Improving the quality with the Report App

Firstaudit has a scoring module, which thanks to traffic light systems ensures a better assessment of the quality of reporting. The traffic light colors red, green and orange indicate the reporting according to their achieved percentage. Responses and ratings are given points that lead to the judgment "passed" or "failed".

Report App available on all platforms

Furthermore, the firstaudit reporting app programmed on tablets and smartphones with the iOS or Android operating system offers error tracking. This means that errors can be detected and reported at any time via the app. These messages go to the responsible auditor, who in turn ensures the elimination of the deficiencies. An administrator keeps an eye on everything and can see what is the turnover of common errors, which have already been eliminated and which have not yet been processed.

Fast action support: reporting in real time

Is there a big rush? No problem: with the firstaudit reporting app, you can always keep an eye on your to-do's. Real time! Finally, firstaudit's smart mobile reporting app delivers results and reports when you need them. The central database houses the entire recorded portfolio of your business. Up-to-the-minute: Once a process has been documented, the document is automatically stored on the central server or in the cloud - and is immediately available for quick response when needed for supportive viewing or further processing. And our intelligent scoring module allows you to map peak performance in real time. Who delivers what and what is the fastest and most efficient? Which product currently has the edge, what sells the fastest at the moment? The ranking provides important impulses, where potential for improvement is still hidden. With our scoring monitoring you have the complete overview of the entire business process, regardless of whether you want sales forecasts for a new product or want to be compared: With the support of the firstaudit reporting app, you have everything under control. At any time.

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