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Mobile data collection for protocols, test reports and work processes

Save time, increase efficiency, optimize workflows: catchwords and terms which indicate speed of action. The enormous importance of competitive systems for the fight for market shares and sales opportunities in daily competition. And in this respect, many companies can do a lot - without having to dig deep into their pockets: the firstaudit app makes the daily tour of the To do's in operation digital and simple. Test reports and protocols during maintenance, inspection or control rounds as well as in the examination of all relevant topics in terms of work safety can be presented directly on the tablet in a comfortable, efficient and, above all, easy way. Paperless, time-saving, digital. Without great effort, always up-to-date and above all: flawless.

We accompany you on your way to the digital protocol. Step by step we will guide you through each individual agenda item to be processed. How it works? It's simple: just turn around, without programming skills, simply create your own digital checklist, which you can easily adapt to your personal needs at any time. So do not miss a single checkpoint. In addition to a lot of room for additional notes and comments, even photos can be installed perfectly at the desired location. When the list is ready, it can be finalized by digital signature. And the highlight: firstaudit, the clever, mature system, is scalable at any time - and thus equally suitable for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for the globally operating large corporation.   If you want to make your work process predictable, always up-to-date and always digitally retrievable, the first appudate protocol app is the perfect tool. From now on, you can simply click on the desired customer in the app, whether it is in your own company or in an external service, and you can document the upcoming work or inspection process thanks to an intelligent checklist.

The firstaudit protocol app can be used to capture all relevant work processes, including working time recording, material requirements, or even material serial numbers, in a convenient way. This is the first app that can be used for monitoring, commissioning, or other inspection-relevant workflows And understand. And, of course, each protocol can also be printed out and sent via e-mail in PDF format. This means that the protocollical results are almost real-time. Available from the cloud, via e-mail and, of course, in the company's own system: Finally, the firstaudit can be integrated into almost any existing infrastructure and can be easily integrated into standard systems such as SAP or Oracle. first audit. The clever solution. Enjoy everyday life.




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