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Firstaudit app: digital checklist for patterns and protocols e.g. care visite

For all activities within the framework of care, it is important that theory and practice go hand in hand. Finally, reliable, reliable quality measures must be taken in order to provide care. Careful documentation of the maintenance pages is therefore the basic prerequisite for having access to clear documents in problematic situations such as in disputes. The maintenance visite is both a control and a control instrument and enables the management personnel to reliably document and monitor the care process. Within the framework of the regular patient visits, the task of the nursing visite, in addition to the control of the basic data and the examination of the room condition, above all also in dialogue with the patient together possible care problems to discuss and the individual nursing goals to be defined. In addition, the nursing consultation serves to identify and initiate care interventions and to check the care progress.

Dieser aufwändige Prozess lässt sich mühelos, übersichtlich und stets nachvollziehbar digitalisieren: Mit der firstaudit Checklisten-App für die Pflegevisite. Damit stellen Pflegedienste eine stets saubere Dokumentation und Kontrolle aller Pflegeleistungen sicher. Und Sie kommen somit Ihrer Pflicht nach, im Falle eines Falles zuverlässige Nachweise erbringen zu können. Stets nachvollziehbar über das jederzeit aktuelle, übersichtliche, digitale Protokoll der firstaudit Checklisten-App.

We also visualize and clearly summarize all parameters for the quality assurance in the form of a digital checklist in the form of a sample of the quality assurance in the form of corresponding sample templates and protocols: part of the internal quality assurance are also the room visite, building inspection, audits, residents And employee evaluations as well as nursing service meetings and the documentation of family discussions. The external & nbsp; quality assurance ensures certifications, conferences, the dialogue with the health insurance companies, supervisory and official control as well as, of course, current performance and quality proofs. Please contact us and ask us. We advise you non-committal and explain how you can display and edit logs and samples optimally and in a manner appropriate to your requirements. Effortlessly. Always up-to-date. Firstaudit: Your digital path to barrier-free care Visi






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