Tailor-made, tailored to your needs


2 Users+1

  • all Basicfunktions2
  • Tailored according to customer agreement
  • Hosting on own server inhouse

Starting at 2.249,- € once

Individual development

customized software according to your specifications

  • Connection to CRM, ERP systems
  • Augmented reality via data glasses
  • Connection to RFID technology

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  1. A user / auditor can be logged in into different terminals as well as platforms.
  2. The basic functions include: firstaudit portal, digital signature, stations, data fields: Yes / No, multiple selection, date, value selection e.g. Photo, CSV import / export, PDF export
  3. The firstaudit offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers. The product is currently available for Android, iOS Tablet/Smartphones and Windows.