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Professionalize object inspections with mobile software

Property inspections are snapshots that - professionally carried out - ensure long-term quality. The innovative mobile software solution from firstaudit supports you in efficiently checking safety standards, recognising hazards and documenting damage and defects identified on site and recording them in an appropriate, object-related manner. The app developed by firstaudit for object inspections offers you far more possibilities than just documentation and logging. For example, you can place orders directly from the app. Everything in one hand, everything from one hand. This saves you time and money.

For example, anyone working in the energy supply industry can use firstaudit's virtual checklists and forms to read meter readings on the tablet running under iOS, Windows or Android: For example, the reading date, meter number and meter reading can be recorded and logged. In addition, the firstaudit software solutions can be used to create interactive checklists, scan barcodes and record working times, locations and signatures. Using the mobile system, service providers are also in a position to document the planning and execution of their individual services on site and make them available online. In addition, the cloud can also be used to secure correspondingly large, regularly occurring amounts of data. Transparent facility management in the case of companies with large facilities and machinery, or the inspections and various checks of your real estate can be quickly and efficiently documented using the clever firstaudit object inspection software. In addition, scheduling is integrated into the technically sophisticated, smart solution for smartphones, tablets and the like. This not only saves time, but also provides the planner with security and efficiency.

The various professional firstaudit checklists not only accompany you digitally during individual processes in your company, but also help you, if you wish, with the planning and organisation of related process chains. From order and customer entry to the processing of returns and the final customer survey, processes can be mapped in the apps. All online stored content and research can be easily researched via any browser on the Internet, adapted to the given object and managed. Advantage for everyday use: The workflow is transparent and very simple at all times thanks to the web-based system.


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