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Mobile management of deficits for professionals

Shortcomings in daily practice, everyday routine, are unfortunately a recurring problem. That is not nice in itself. If then the correct documentation takes time, it becomes critical. In order to provide you with the solution to this problem, we have designed and developed a special mobile app for mobile defect management. It makes your company's processes more efficient and professionally supports you with defect management.

Total transparency - your advantage through mobile defect detection

You can easily and automatically detect defects via smartphone or tablet and attach appropriate documents. In this way, we can provide you with the security of being able to document all business processes completely and without errors. Including the guarantee to have immediate access to the always current defect overview. At the same time we put you in the position to install important routine processes in the defect processing. The digital documentation of shortcomings in the form of tickets, voice memos or photos in real time ensures a relaxed, reliable and technically perfect removal of the criticized objects. You keep an eye on the entire process. 

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Was bietet firstaudit? Dem Mangel keine Chance!

  • Firstaudit is the flexible checklist software, which in the first step can be individually tailored to the needs of every imaginable industry.

  • Firstaudit effectively helps hoteliers and restaurateurs to review and report on their work in the areas of room and housekeeping, as well as in the kitchen hygiene check-up, using written, hand-written documentation optimize. On request, also supplemented with photos and videos that can be effortlessly integrated into the report via the app.

  • Your company is at home in logistics or in the construction industry? Also in the trade and at the construction site, firstaudit provides all involved in the project, clients and contractors alike with a professional digital checklist management. Even where nothing should definitely be overlooked, such as in sensitive dangerous goods transport management and the strict guidelines in the corporate compliance with compliance rules. 
  • The firstaudit software provides the perfect construction documentation in civil engineering and building construction. All work steps are logged in the defect management module of firstaudit: firstaudit is the efficient platform for defect management to distribute and ensure plans. Firstaudit explicitly provides you with a mobile checklist tailored to the compliance rules applicable to your company

  • Are you working in Facility Management? We have the plan how to increase your efficiency. Through our maintenance app, perfectly matched to your needs, our mobile checklist for faultless building inspection. In addition, objects for highly efficient construction documentation can be provided with a QR code. This saves a lot of time and money. With the help of such efficient defect detection apps, the user is able to record and document defects completely without any gaps.

  • We deliver information and perfect defect management to every task. All clients and contractors. Fast, efficient, precisely tailored to the project of your company. You save time in the office and on the move. No matter what industry you are in, talk to us. We find a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. Free of defects or unsubscribe defects? Automatically detect and eliminate deficiencies has never been easier! Further information about the features can be found here!