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Mobile solution for maintenance: the firstaudit inspection app

Work processes can be structured and controlled in an uncomplicated and time-saving manner: There are many situations in which digital documentation is an invaluable advantage. The inspection app from firstaudit is an optimal, paperless solution for maintenance. Digital and mobile: an inspection software that makes the creation of documentation for inspections, monitoring and inspections simple and efficient. With the help of the firstaudit Maintenance App, inspections in the area of plant and machine maintenance can be recorded comprehensively and in a qualified manner, whereby, for example, error or malfunction messages can be recorded with all details and immediately rectified at the site, at the plant, via maintenance. A time advantage that of course also saves costs and considerably simplifies work on site.

After all, constant control mechanisms and a high concentration on the essentials ensure stability and quality in the company. Those who maintain and document the preventive maintenance of their valuable machinery and their technically sophisticated plants through regular factory inspections and workplace inspections are on the safe side in every respect. Internal documentation and safety checks in accordance with UVV, such as in the case of fire and occupational safety, are mandatory. Such a procedure also prevents high costs for repairs due to maintenance bottlenecks or checks that have not been carried out properly.

Digital maintenance management on the move is available for all common mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. that are based on Android, Google or iOS. The entire inspection process chain can be mapped and documented using modern, digital firstaudit management for the maintenance of plants and valuable machines. Including the integration of digital photos or videos of the situation taken directly on site and entered into the app.

In this way, error messages can not only be displayed, but also provided with a corresponding comment. Subsequent maintenance solves the problem on the spot. Everything is provided with inspection time and location. Quite simply via GPS. A time saving, which also saves costs, for example, through new journeys. Using the QR code of the firstaudit maintenance app, machine data can also be scanned in and data sheets can be digitally integrated into the maintenance. A digital signature after detailed documentation of the maintenance, optionally spiked with an additional commentary by voice recording, rounds off the process completely. By the way, the app works both off- and online: It is completely network-independent when filled in and documented. As soon as you have access to a network again, the documentation is available to all project participants, selected employees and customers. For further processing or automatic archiving. In real time. In this way, the company management, in particular, always has an overview of all pending and ongoing processes.

In addition to customer service, repairs and services at the customer's premises, the numerous application possibilities also include the possibility of incoming goods inspections, random sampling according to DIN ISO 3269 or complaint management according to ISO Standard 10002. Quality management according to and ISO 9001, checklists for audits and goods picking as well as inventory according to are further examples for which our firstaudit inspection software is perfectly tailored. Individually tailored to your requirements and needs.

You too can benefit from our highly flexible maintenance software, which is precisely tailored to your needs. From efficient resource planning, individual task creation for selected employees, automatic evaluations with automatic time recording and document creation: Always up to date, tamper-proof and legally secure. Talk to us - we look forward to hearing from you!



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