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Excel tables can be easily created in an app

For all Office programs

Do you edit your checklists and tables in Excel, Excel mobile, Word, PowerPoint from the Microsoft Office package or do you use Google spreadsheets?

Use the digital list software from firstaudit, which is also optimized for mobile devices such as your smartphone or tablet with touch operation. This saves you time and allows you to create and perform your checks from anywhere.

Check the box, alternative to Excel checklists

Documenting workplace inspections and plant inspections, structuring and controlling work processes - there are many situations in which a list of tables is invaluable. Would you like to streamline your daily routine, save time and effort?

No problem: With the help of our software you can create your own digital checklists and make them available to your team or service provider. The completed data is stored in an audit-proof database and can be viewed by administrators or a control center.

Put an end to confusing tables in Excel and files in Word or PowerPoint from Microsoft. Bundle your control processes and always have everything in view. Our app for all cases: firstaudit's Inspection and List app makes it easy to create and edit checklists for audits, monitoring and inspections. Many functions, one solution: Use the full potential with the checklist app and inspection app. Simple and efficient.

Central database, import of Microsoft Excel data

The days when an auditor with a piece of paper in his hand ran through the company from the office and processed his checklists are finally over thanks to the support provided by quality management tools. Exchange paper for tablets, smartphones and new functions and say "Adé" to paper chaos. The firstaudit app can also be used on the move to enable you to carry out on-site checks. Thanks to its use on mobile devices, you can save time and money.

In addition to the simple creation of checklists, data records, e.g. of the objects to be inspected, can also be imported into the system. Microsoft Excel or CSV files can be imported and post-processed in the data record table. Good to know: The graphical user interface of firstaudit is clearer than Excel and very easy to use.

In addition, administrators and process managers can assign various functions within their quality assurance team. The data from the checks and audits are available in the desired format: CSV, XML, RTF (compatible with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and the Microsoft Office package) and PDF are offered.

Simplified communication

If you want to add data or edit content, the software firstaudit stores this data on the mobile device and transfers it later to the central database.

The advantage: by storing results and test procedures on mobile devices, they are available anytime and anywhere and can be further used and evaluated. This is because those responsible have access to the database and can track the location of the inspector and the points on the table that have already been processed after the inspection has been transferred to the system. Planning can be carried out in the office and inspections are possible without further queries.

Useful functions: firstaudit offers more than just an Excel list. This is because the inspector can add images in order to document inspections and tests in a comprehensible, transparent and precise manner for all parties involved. The inspector can also add a signature to the checklist and thus assume responsibility for carrying out the check.

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