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Digital Checklists: Professional Inspection and Maintenance

Mobile Data Acquisition (MDE) is a concept that allows the collection of data away from a computer workstation. The mobile collection of data is used for example in industrial, production and trading companies. With the help of mobile data acquisition, process-relevant data is collected in a non-mobile location and made available on various mobile devices.

Firstaudit helps to reliably collect, distribute and manage all your data. Paperless, fast and, above all, safe. This saves time and is also fun. The advantages of the firstaudit app for mobile data collection (MDE) are obvious: With the help of our mobile business app, your data can be recorded on mobile computers within seconds. In addition, data can be passed on directly via MDE without any loss of time - because data can be automatically passed on to other systems without problems and virtually in real time. Of course, the data acquisition is greatly reduced.

Another invaluable advantage is the simplification of the management of data via mobile computers. Thanks to the firstaudit app for mobile data capture, responsively optimized for perfect use on all mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, companies can standardize data collection and make it more efficient. A structured solution, clear, quick and easy to search. Using state-of-the-art technology, all relevant data and information about barcodes and RFID are captured promptly and can be retrieved at any time on a variety of mobile devices directly or via a docking station. Thus, firstaudit is a reliable and comparatively cost-effective solution. Anyone who regularly has to keep up-to-date with data and has previously put it on the good old paper will be surprised how much time can be saved by digital data entry. This makes cumbersome paper forms a thing of the past. In just a few minutes, the firstaudit app for mobile data collection can be set up according to your own needs. With your own app, your collected data and information can be retrieved at any time and from anywhere and integrated into the in-house systems (eg SAP) via an interface. No IT department or an expensive programmer is needed to take care of creating or customizing the mobile app.

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Not only does digital data capture save costs: Users of the firstaudit mobile data acquisition app always have the right data on their device by validating input. Further advantages of the MDE: Through digital data flow, the further processing of the data happens in no time at all. In addition, mandatory fields ensure that no data is missing. Powerful, flexible, and readily available on MDE devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile computers, and barcode scanners in the enterprise, digital data capture across the industry drastically simplifies the process of capturing data, saving a tremendous amount of time. In the latter application example, the mobile application automatically checks the scanned barcodes for correctness. The app is ideal, for example, for use in industry, the construction or healthcare industry. And above all in logistics, the advantages of the app in everyday work processes such as picking can best be illustrated. Large retailers with their own logistics also use an ordering process - and this too can be perfectly reproduced using our firstaudit software. Mobile solutions can be used for a wide variety of processes for any requirement and for a variety of industries such as courier services, transport service providers, nursing services, clinics, etc.

We take data protection very seriously. According to the legislator, entrepreneurs are required to archive all data generated in the company for several years and to be able to present it if necessary. If this is checked, the company must at all times access the requested data and be able to prove it. The firstaudit app for mobile data collection enables complete verification of all relevant data in the company: Archived on a central server, the desired data can be exported at any time via the existing ERP and SAP interfaces and made available to the addressee.

The data can not only be forwarded via interfaces, but can also be accessed via the export. If forwarding is not desired in this way, the required data can also be sent by e-mail. The app offers to send mail, offering the sharing of data from a review to groups or selected people. The mobile application runs on various operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows and supports use on all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. Thus, the user remains highly flexible in an international roll-out.