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firstaudit Mobile Checklists app: makes life easier

firstaudit creates time and space: With the mobile checklists App firstaudit you make paper the old hat: completely paperless, secure and above all, also saves time, you capture all your data. Effortlessly! With the efficient mobile checklists app firstaudit you not only save costs and reduce work processes on paper to a minimum. Above all, you avoid mistakes. Because when you check even complicated processes, you will no longer be able to forget an entry: With the mobile checklists App firstaudit, you can fill in completely specified mandatory fields. Created in accordance with your specifications, your logic and in the order you specify. Everything in one hand. In the individually tailored to your work processes digital solution. So you specify yourself which criteria and requirements the evaluation modules of the app should contain. You need pictures from the test site? No problem: Take photos with your smartphone and paste them into your log. With just one click. Fill in photos with comments. And after completing the exam put your signature. Digital in the designated field in your mobile checklist app. Finished. As of now, missing data was yesterday. Immediately after completing and documenting your test and work processes, you can build on fully evaluated results: correct data by directly evaluating your entries. 

  • Use the clever mobile checklists App firstaudit to create your test and approval protocol. Efficient and time-saving. Secure your validated data with our clever firstaudit cloud solution. Absolutely safe, always available. For you and your chosen employees. Customizable. Customizable. Process and process your input and data independently and independently: You do not need extensive programming knowledge, but you will see how easy it is to design your mobile checklist app firstaudit. Flexible, customizable, scalable at any time. Due to the extensibility and adaptability of the mobile checklists app firstaudit based on a secure platform, the system can be completely customized to your needs. And effortlessly integrate into your IT environment. No matter in which industry you are traveling. We help you to make your world digital. We design the digital tailor-made suit for your work processes. Get started and rely on our expertise in IT solutions for your individual project. Rely on our qualified and uncomplicated support.
  • Data collection is possible at any time. Also offline. The publication of your data is up to date: As soon as you have an internet connection, your data will be online. And completely updated. Your home has your future now in the future: Finally, the mobile checklists app firstaudit on Android smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, PC, Mac and Co. We ensure total transparency of your data, which you then through various export options - of course in common Output formats such as Word, Excel, PDF - can process when you want it. By e-mail. Of course also legally always up to date. Always traceable. And sure. And best of all, thanks to digital data transfer you will not waste time with unnecessary storage. Waiting for results is a thing of the past. Further processing always takes place immediately.
  • Create your individual mobile checklist app within minutes with firstaudit. Based on your paper forms. All parameters of your requirements, questions and test points can be displayed in an app. In your app. Structured, complete, efficient. This is how you can easily reach your destination. With almost completed real-time processes and digital validation of your data. Because your collected data and information is available in real time in your control center. This saves resources, facilitates work in teams and creates employee motivation through automated processes. Is finished checked and checked and the data is collected on the spot, they are transferred online and in real time to colleagues or customers and provided for further processing and evaluation.
  • Join us on a journey of discovery and make your world from complicated to easy. With the mobile business apps from firstaudit. We are digital. Be it too.

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