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Mobile Audit Software - user-friendly and reliable

The processes in the company should in principle be designed with the aim of meeting and withstanding the strict examination and the high requirements of defined audits. Many business owners and executives are worried about the hassle and dedication of having an intelligent, digital audit software solution that can phase out auditing step-by-step. In this case, firstaudit provides entrepreneurs with its mobile audit app, which is based on standard-practice audits, flexibly expandable to include individual, own question and evaluation patterns. Speaking of flexibility: firstaudit's mobile audit software is always where you need it to easily conduct audits - simple and easy to use.

Quality assurance with the flexible and mobile audit software from firstaudit

Unfortunately, the importance of quality assurance in your own company only becomes apparent when something goes wrong. It does not matter whether the cause lies in lack of competence, errors in the organization or in poor, incomplete planning of actually routine procedures. Then speed of action and, above all, the greatest care are required: With the aid of the mobile audit software from firstaudit, solutions tailored to the needs of your company can be implemented for a smooth audit. Our meticulous mobile audit software provides you with all the measures required for secure certification in accordance with the definitions of ISO and DIN certification. From the guide to the required portfolio of questionnaires for a smooth, professional audit process, you'll find it all together in one app: your fully digital, intelligent, mobile audit software from firstaudit.

Identify optimization options with first audit

The firstaudit mobile audit software is a brilliant support in the prompt implementation of measures such as the evaluation of how well you have achieved your goals, what corrections are still to be implemented and to what extent, if necessary, to improve the given requirements and standards , The trick: Our clever firstaudit mobile audit software recognizes possible optimization potentials already during the processing of the audits - in real time: this means that all users involved in the process are involved from the beginning - from planning through execution to the final evaluation of their audits state-of-the-art: auditaud's easy-to-use interface for auditing firstaudit allows audits to be planned, prepared, executed and evaluated in real time from anywhere and by different users at the same time. If any optimization potential is identified, it can be communicated live and, if technically possible, carried out or commissioned on the same day. ,

Take corrective action of deviations in real time

Follow-up audits and measures for the elimination of weaknesses detected during the audit can be followed consistently. This allows users to determine corrective measures for deviations in advance. To ensure that the required corrective actions have been completed, the efficient firstaudit mobile audit software provides the ability to answer real-time questions about the current review and send them to appropriate team members. Access to features such as the inclusion of calendar entries, applicable standards of related templates and comparison of relevant results of similar audits are other top features of the intelligent first audit mobile audit software. This ensures that the entire process is consistently transparently mapped for all those involved in the audit and that quality management is ensured in accordance with the strict requirements of applicable directives and standards.

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Benefits of firstaudit

  • Our clever, mobile audit software offers quality management at the highest level. Finally, detailed evaluation lists and audit reports based on the processes in your company and, of course, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO standard can be accurately integrated into the mobile audit software from firstaudit. In this way, we provide you with the perfect instrument for continuously testing the quality of all entrepreneurial processes. An intelligent software, with the help of which all data relevant for the internal evaluation of the audit can be recorded and evaluated including all relevant sensor data and test results. Important additional data can also be documented about the photo function. The results of all completed audits are always backed up in a central database and are of course available for the implementation of the audit reports in PDF, XML or RTF and CSV formats in various other systems such as SAP via integrated interfaces or for sending via e-mail. Mail ready.

    Thanks to this smart solution, the audit management software firstaudit can be used without problems in many companies.

  • Increasing the security of audits in a targeted manner: Parallel to the ongoing digitization, the demands on the security of management systems are becoming increasingly high. Here, quality management or audit management is no exception. Management systems of audit management and the information stored therein must be protected against access from outside, for example by hacker attacks. The software tool firstaudit contains various security features and control options. An important measure for auditors in audit management is the allocation of roles, which is made possible thanks to the corresponding approval levels in the modules of the app.
    Permissions can be structured very finely. In addition, if required, customers can always be provided with information and integrated. Another contribution to the security of the software is provided by the identification requirement for examiners and auditors. Thanks to electronic signatures, which are stored in the central database, specific persons can be assigned to individual audits or examinations at any time. All processes and information become comprehensible and transparent. All this to the highest standard.

  • Huge portfolio of functions: The intelligent mobile audit software from firstaudit adapts itself to all processes relevant to the company via various, highly effective tools. A bespoke suit with features and tools that are already standard in abundance to make life easier. This means that mistakes like missed appointments or accidentally missed checkpoints are a thing of the past. Because the app has time-controlled information management and reminds its users about upcoming checks as well as an attention-grabbing marking of recurring processes for the audit report. And that too is far from everything: Anyone who depends on the highest quality of audit checks can use a scoring module to map the quality of the examination by evaluating the individual answers. The software is already used internationally and can be scaled across any language.

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Audit, translated from Latin, means in the infinitive "listening" as well as "listen".

As part of an audit, all entrepreneurial processes are put to the test. All activities, processes and results as well as the internal control system are examined to see if they comply with the standards and standards applicable in the relevant area. Among the most well-known defined standards is the standard ISO 9000: 2000.

Implementation: Within the framework of an audit, it is important to document all processes in the company. For example, in addition to the buildings and goods of the company, the machines and systems are inspected and compared with the norms and standards on the basis of given data lists. System elements that do not correspond to the current state are supplemented, optimized or replaced and reassessed as part of a re-audit. This completes the quality management.

Quality management: The audit in the context of corporate quality management is a comprehensive process and divided into various types: In addition to the system audit, audits are carried out for the products and the processes in the company. A distinction is made between the self-imposed internal audit, with which a certification according to valid standards should be achieved and documented, and the certification procedure of the external audit, which is a certified prerequisite for a professional quality management.

Audit Trail: Audit Trail, in practice translated as "audit trail", describes the temporary monitoring and documentation of attempted or executed activities of persons. The audit trail revolves around the chronological sequence of actions and events documented by traceable traces as well as the current state of the system. This documents the so-called document stock

Procedure and implementation: As a rule, an audit procedure includes the technical preparation of questions about the test objects as well as the general requirements of the answer criteria in this questionnaire. In addition, the qualitative claim, the appropriate quantification and the overall assessment must be determined.

The aim of an audit: First and foremost, an audit serves to review all operationally relevant processes in the company in order to identify any development and optimization potential. In doing so, care must always be taken and, above all, the greatest importance must be attached to meaningfully controlled performance of the audit. Finally, it has to be determined whether a company has achieved its self-imposed goals or how it has been able to achieve them. However, the assessed company itself is not yet considered audited: the test procedure only refers to the internal management system.

Certification audit: If a company gains knowledge about the current status quo and its own company management system via an internal audit, it can be certified by a certification company. This process will include two surveillance audits and a final recertification audit within three years.