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Maintenance with firstaudit: App and software for devices and machines

The gold in the manufacturing company is the machinery. Valuable, often technically complex, large-scale installations and equipment, from the regular inspection and maintenance of which the well-being and woe of the entire process depends. Up-to-dateness and meticulousness are the top priorities in the control round-trip, and in the industrial sector usually daily routine. And, of course, the proper procedures have to be documented in detail. This as simple as possible, efficient. With as little time as possible kept time. A professional maintenance software with digital checklists and maintenance protocols is indispensable: especially in the context of audits of machine processes and their protocol documentation. The firstaudit maintenance app for inspection and maintenance provides valuable support here. Regardless of location, our checklist management is multilingual in all areas of the company: on as many mobile devices as you wish. There is no internet connection required. With the help of the firstaudit's efficient maintenance software, the user gets the opportunity for meaningful reporting for all branches of his company by implementing checks and inspections using standard forms. As I said: you are in a large hall without a network? No problem: Step by step, the parameters to be checked are ticked off and documented in the firstaudit maintenance app. When you are back online, the result is synchronized with the database in real time. And is available to all involved in the process for further processing or assessment. You decide who will be equipped with which competences. In other words, you decide yourself on which of the administrator's individually specified functions of the app your employee will be granted access to according to his or her jurisdiction.

Logs and archiving per click

The firstaudit maintenance app is designed for all requirements and the highest demands in terms of maintenance and testing of machines and devices: For each individual machine, even large machinery, a separate checklist can be created and safely assigned. And, for example, if so desired, also scan the associated barcode. This eliminates errors in the assignment of the objects to be tested. More order and structure is not possible: Finally, by using digital checklists, any file with all individual data for the respective machine can be called up at any time and, for example, can be put on resubmission by the responsible employee in the event of a need for repair. Thanks to the reminder function, nothing is forgotten. And the responsible inspector respectively with the maintenance or repair person is always at the height of the process. Incidentally, all the relevant machine parts can be captured and optically documented with the clever photo function. Which greatly simplifies the process. At the end there is a professional evaluation, which is not only recorded via the firstaudit maintenance app, but whose results are also stored in a central database and can be called up at any time. The firstaudit maintenance app. Trust the professional digital checklist management of firstaudit. Your partner for mobile software, app development and programming.

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