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Machine maintenance with the firstaudit maintenance app

The work routine in the enterprise with maintenance-intensive equipment, machines and complex plants requires not only high authority of all involved in the inspection of these Wertgut involved, but high concentration with the execution. In every detail, all components susceptible to repair must be checked for wear and abnormalities and checked off. What used to be painstakingly processed on paper is nowadays completely digitally implemented. The firstaudit mobile maintenance app is an intelligent, multi-functional software that runs on all mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, whether they are Android-based devices or Apple-based devices.

The Maintanance app by firstaudit is ideal for anyone who wants to make their daily work easier - and nothing can be forgotten. Because the software recognizes every little gap thanks to the memory function, the software is based on intelligent checklists: these become individual adapted to the needs of your business processes and can easily be expanded and scaled at any time. So if a new, complex area to move into the company, can create a tailored checklist and use immediately. And best of all: thanks to the photo function and the QR code scanner, details such as faulty components of a machine, including the barcodes of the machines concerned, can be summarily recorded and entered into the maintenance record. Thus, no detail escapes the watchful eye of the examiner and can be replaced or repaired in no time at all: The maintenance report is updated whenever wireless internet access is guaranteed at the test location and stored on the central server. However, the system can also be operated offline: the examiner can continue to work on the checklist in offline mode and check off step by step. When he's back online, firstaudit's clever Maintanance app immediately brings the process up to date.

Once the verification procedure has been completed, the machine checker has the opportunity to personalize the report with his digital signature. Finally, the complete maintenance protocol can be sent directly to addressees specified by the administrator via PDF, XLS or many other formats via e-mail or ERP and SAP interface. Practical: For example, the repairer of the machine park can also inform the craftsman about the perfectly documented, up-to-the-minute status quo and the upcoming to-do and become active in the short term. Through this liquid process no time is lost. This not only saves nerves, but ultimately also costs and personnel. Do you have company branches or cooperation partners abroad? No problem: The firstaudit maintenance app runs in all languages. If, for example, one employee is active in this country and a similar one at the foreign cooperation partner, all participants in the joint project can work simultaneously: Once the task is completed, the reports are stored on the central database, synchronized and accessible to all responsible employees in real time.

The firstaudit maintenance app for machine and plant inspection. Makes life easier. Contact us. We look forward to you!

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