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Quality management according to ISO 9001

The mother of effective quality assurance and for sustainable Quality management (QM) is, if you will, QM according to ISO 9001. ISO 9001 helps small, medium and large companies alike Not only coping with the challenges of your own business at all levels, but to eliminate recognizable defects and your own business performance to improve significantly on the market in some cases.

After all, everyday business is about the customer. If the customer is satisfied it will in all probability remain connected to the trading partner. Accordingly, in addition to unconditional customer orientation, too check whether the process efficiency as well as the requirement on the constantly to be able to react to changing market requirements in an agile and flexible manner own company is given. A reliable quality management system to check all requirements of the sometimes complex procedural processes in the Company is therefore an elementary parameter for success in the densely populated Competition. These corporate goals are in line with certification ISO 9001 on the test bench and mark the accordingly certified Companies as exemplary and for a trusting business partnership qualitatively particularly suitable.

The quality management according to ISO 9001 covers the entire business area including the range of products or services and serves as a reference for business partners and suppliers alike. A powerful, competent business partner who cares for his customers as well as his employees being able to demonstrate your own performance potential ensures high levels of satisfaction for everyone Levels: For sustainable quality assurance and for ongoing Improvement measures in the company.

That these audits and tests, such as for companies with large Machinery or a large portfolio of products, accordingly are reliable to document, goes without saying. Everyone is in the details Companies required parameters for business ability and activity record, check and map accordingly. For one down to the smallest detail perfectly audited quality management offers firstaudit its cleverly designed App: a paperless, digital mobile checklist management system that is suitable for almost every industry is equally suitable and meets the needs at all times, Changes and requirements of the user are adaptable and scalable.

The firstaudit checklist stands for secure, seamless quality management according to ISO 9001 and is the perfect instrument for the sustainable securing of all im Processes relevant to companies. The system that works offline and for all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and Co. based on Android and iOS as well as for browsers and hybrid is designed for every area of ​​the Company has prepared a corresponding checklist. You can do it step by step thus, for example, record the hygiene status, maintain the machines and over Corresponding protocol at the end of the test if there are any defects Have the repair done. After completion, the system firstaudit generates one Appropriate statistics and evaluation of the audits completed and documented all potential for improvement.

The firstaudit checklist management makes quality assurance transparent, simple and safe. No detail is forgotten. The added value through one Quality management according to ISO 9001 is obvious: through implementation The company makes specific demands of the customer, market and industry the fulfillment of the market-specific compliance rules. This will increase Companies not only have their own image, but also open up new potential and the way to new and international markets. The process efficiency, In-house assurance of all standards offered according to ISO 9001 as well improved customer service and minimizing potential business risks inevitably lead to higher and lasting customer loyalty. And for bigger ones Business success.

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