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Perfect control: the firstaudit inventory app

Trust is good, control is better: the firstaudit Inventory app makes it easy to create clear relationships wherever inventory is concerned. Uncomplicated, careful and, above all, fast. After all, no one wants to repeat a process that is primarily dependent on detail, accuracy and exact results. The firstaudit checklist app as well as its digital siblings - the firstaudit maintenance app as well as the firstaudit inspection app - ensure a clear relief in everyday business in terms of testing, documentation as well as, for example, in the facility service area, as well as for many other business sectors.

Optimization of the daily business

After all, nobody wants to wait until something stops working. And to ensure that everything always works, professional maintenance is part of the day-to-day business of many companies. Some companies wait internally, others add external experts. However, the first condition for both procedures is: A structured procedure is mandatory during maintenance. An optimal maintenance planner helps with preventive maintenance. The firstaudit maintenance app is the mobile maintenance documentation and ensures that inspections, inspection tours are recorded and documented in detail, and that productions and inspections are reliably monitored. Digital and always available and customizable. And also for Facility Manager, firstaudit has the perfect tool - in the form of individual checklists, professionalized thanks to mobile apps. Professional facility management nowadays involves much more than pure janitorial work. Keeping an eye on everything is a priority for Facility Manager. Do nothing twice, but do not forget anything. Be well organized. We are happy to install your own personal app with all the essential requirements for you.

Manage inventories calmly and relaxed: with the firstaudit inventory app

If an inventory is in the house, many become nervous: Nothing must be forgotten, every product is to sift. And when the entire stock of a warehouse is to capture, this prospect drives many the beads of sweat on the forehead. With slips and forms a logistical mammoth task, it is then to sort the paperwork, to divide and store in overflowing file shelf. Our clever digital solution can help: with the help of the intelligent firstaudit inventory app, you get a digital system that works for all mobile end devices, with which you can tick off and execute checklists for checklists intuitively and conveniently. At the end, you will receive a clear document which you can save in the desired format, such as PDF, Excel or Word, in our cloud system or in your internal central database. Available at any time for resubmission or any supplements. Comfortable and safe! With our intelligent warehouse management, we support your inventory in the form of assignment forms according to storage location and data entry lists - simply record and assign production and article numbers with the QR code scanner integrated into our firstaudit inventory app and enter the determined quantity. The firstaudit Inventory app always updates all processes with existing online access and synchronizes the data in the storage space. Always up-to-date, whether for self-regulatory or regulatory review purposes. Is the warehouseman responsible for the inventory once in areas without online access? No problem: Even offline, you are always safe on the road. On the app, you enter each storage bin, step by step, and enter the counted quantity in the checklist. As soon as you have access to an active Internet access again, the system updates automatically. Clever, comfortable, relaxed. Fully sold-out products can be entered with the value zero, new items in the range can be easily and simply recorded as a new entry and ticked off.

Your mobile inventory app from firstaudit: Backup via ERP or SAP interface

The times when a sea of ​​helpers like the ants stand on the rows of shelves and manually enter the counted items with the ballpoint pen into the form are coming to an end. Get mobile with the digital firstaudit inventory app and record article types and numbers easily and conveniently with the integrated barcode scanner. If, in the case of a new product introduced on the market, an article number may not (yet) be updated or unknown by the manufacturer, it can of course also be entered into the digital checklist manually and supplemented with the description of the corresponding product. If the fixed assets are completely recorded, the data records can be recorded and saved without any gaps and errors via ERP or SAP interfaces. Always data-safe and available at any time for later review, review, or reconciliation with previous asset inventories. Always accurate and reliable: your asset inventory with the digital firstaudit inventory app for all Android, Windows and iOS-based mobile devices à la smartphone, tablet PC and Co. With the help of our clever firstaudit inventory app, you optimize the entire process of inventory , From A to Z. Get mobile. Become digital. With firstaudit.

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