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Efficient inspection software: the firstaudit checklist app

The app is based on inspection software which, thanks to its cleverly designed user interface, offers the advantage that the individual results of an inspection can be traced in detail and individual inspection points can be quickly reassigned at any time. Without errors. For example, the results of a sewer inspection or a TV inspection appear in the form of a standardized communication protocol for seamless data exchange between the processing systems. Barcodes can also be scanned: They are located on the machines and can be scanned thanks to the app. The checked machine and the time of the check can be traced at any time and all components can be included again during a later check. Firstaudit also allows photos and project videos to be taken, which can be used as proof of an inspection after import without post-processing.

Thanks to many years of experience in quality and development with firstaudit, reinstil offers manufacturers tailor-made software - in short: digital inspection tour, inspection and maintenance apps - that is highly flexible in adapting to any technical condition. In this way, the user can easily create audits himself and adapt them to his own needs via the software. With the professional, reliable and intuitive firstaudit software for inspection, the everyday routine also has an effect as such on every project. Noticeably nerve- and time-saving. The customer receives an efficient, target-oriented system based on exact results for analysis and as-is status recording, with constant online updates, for perfect, up-to-date inspection management in the company. Every industry has individual requirements. No problem: firstaudit's digital management tools offer perfect documentation without errors, in text form with photo or video, and are adaptable and scalable at any time.

The inspection app can independently assign the master data it receives to an inspection and an inspection process. The inspection is simplified, can be integrated into existing company processes at the same time, and a completed checklist is automatically processed or archived. The entire process chain within quality assurance is thus not interrupted. In addition, the software contains an integrated defect management system so that the tradesman responsible is informed immediately.

With firstaudit, users thus have a powerful inspection app at their fingertips with which they can create stationary audits as well as complex inspection rounds and examinations. Operation, management and access to the information as well as data processing are possible at any time and human error sources are no longer present. Thanks to the use on mobile devices, time and costs can also be saved. In addition, administrators and process owners can assign various functions within their quality assurance team. The data from the application checks, evaluations and audits are available in the desired format: CSV, XML and PDF are offered.

The quality assurance must be planned, whereby one of the most important steps of this planning is the creation of a checklist. The Quality Assurance App uses test objects and checklists created in a special backend, which can be done in different ways:

  • Entering Checklists via Browser Pages
  • Develop checklists with the manufacturer
  • Transfer inspection objects from SAP or ERP system



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