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Firstaudit Inspection app - Easy to check

There are many situations where an inspection app is of great advantage. With a digital checklist, for example, you can document plant inspections, machine inspections and workplace inspections and structure and control work processes. The inspection app of firstaudit makes the creation of checklists for tests, monitoring and inspections simple and efficient. Paper forms are a thing of the past. The checklist becomes digital!

The firstaudit inspection app makes the individual results traceable in detail at any time. The individual inspection points can be quickly reassigned at any time. Error-free.

Simply error-free and transparent

You can easily scan the barcodes and data directly on the machines and read them thanks to the app. This makes the checks of machines and systems, including the recorded time of the system check, transparent and traceable. If required, all components can be included again for comparison during a later inspection. Firstaudit. Makes working life easier!

With the firstaudit inspection app, documentation via photos and project videos is also possible, by the way: Simply prepare and enter the data using a terminal device such as a smartphone or tablet. This is a great addition to the report, as the photos can be imported without any post-processing and are used as proof of an inspection. The professional, reliable firstaudit software for inspection can be operated absolutely intuitively and makes the inspection process of all projects a nerve-sparing everyday matter.

With firstaudit, the customer can rely on an efficient, target-oriented system based on exact results for analysis and status assessment. For a brand-new inspection management in the company. The individual requirements that every industry places on the software are irrelevant: firstaudit's digital management tools provide you with the perfect documentation. In text form with photo or video, voice memo and commentary as well as digital signature. And best of all, the performance of the system can be adapted and scaled at any time. The data from the application's checks, evaluations and audits are available in the desired format, including CSV, XML, RTF and PDF.

Advantages of the inspection app

With firstaudit, users get a powerful inspection app with which they can create stationary audits as well as complex control rounds and examinations. Operation, management and access to the information as well as data processing are possible at any time, human error sources are no longer present. The use on mobile devices also saves time and money. Talk to us. We help you to digitize your test processes!




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