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Complete and secure all round: Firstaudit App incoming goods inspection plus template

Anyone who deals with incoming goods on a daily basis knows how important concentrated action is. And good preparation. With appropriate forms that must be filled in point by point and without gaps. From experience, it is also known in the area of ​​incoming goods inspection that the controller sometimes makes mistakes under time pressure. Mistakes due to haste, forgotten check marks and important notes in the control sheet, for example. Those who work in the area of ​​quality assurance in the company as part of their duty to carry out the incoming goods inspection can now look forward to a digital tool perfectly tailored to this concentratively demanding job: the firstaudit App incoming goods inspection plus template. Fully digital, mobile, adaptable and scalable at any time. And can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, which are based on common operating systems such as Android or Apple. Or simply via the browser. So you always have the template with you. Thanks to the reminder function for fields that have not yet been filled in, errors are just as much a thing of the past as the annoying filing and checking of the countless paper forms. .

Digital solution: easier work and support

Many experienced employees who have been with the company for many years would like to be better informed about the tools and options available to make everyday work easier as part of the incoming goods inspection. Many older people do not belong to the Internet and smartphone generation, who are used to the constant changes and developments of the digital world. So digital software should be one thing above all: simple and as intuitive to use as possible. Just like the firstaudit app goods control plus template, which can be individually adapted to the needs of the company and expanded at any time. As of now, the paper industry belongs in the waste paper. Because in the entire company, which was previously flooded with a real flood of paper, forms such as inventory reports, work records and sick reports, audit reports and a number of areas can be digitally summarized more easily, clearly categorized and processed step by step without gaps. And, if required, can be provided with a product scan or photo to document the product specifics and the condition of a delivery in detail at the time of delivery. This saves time, nerves and, above all, eliminates errors and follow-up costs. Cross-industry software for flawless incoming goods inspection It doesn't always contain exactly what it says on the tin: Therefore, a functioning incoming goods inspection is a mandatory part of the company. After all, it is not uncommon for the goods delivered not to correspond to the goods ordered. This is particularly problematic when it comes to promptly needed or critical products that may cause difficulties in subsequent processes. In some places it is sufficient to carry out random checks. But here too, the digital firstaudit app saves incoming goods inspection plus submission time and makes it easier to record any faults and defects. These can be fatal in sensitive industries such as food retailers or restaurants where freshness and durability are important. But also service providers from the field of logistics or forwarding as well as all manufacturers of products of all kinds rely on a properly functioning, as problem-free incoming goods inspection. This is especially true for larger companies with deliveries of larger volumes of goods, for which, of course, much more effort is required than in a small business.

Status control in real time with first audit

Of course, the condition of the goods before and during delivery always plays an important role. With the completely digital, mobile firstaudit app incoming goods control plus template, which can be individually tailored at any time to the special needs of companies that receive a wide variety of goods, the actors in large companies with a correspondingly broad inventory management system always have a complete overview of all important checkpoints on delivery and goods receipt. Checked off and documented point by point: thanks to online access, goods receipt with the mobile firstaudit app incoming goods control plus template records all parameters related to the delivered batch in real time. The inspector can document defects or missing items directly from his smartphone or tablet and communicate via the app directly to the manufacturer or supplier as well as to the in-house ERP system. Online, by email and in the form of a saved document on the company server. In this way, all questions relating to the condition of the packages can be clarified conveniently, error-free, quickly and safely using the firstaudit app goods control plus template. For example, whether the delivered products arrived on time or were ordered at all and are intended for your own company. Whether the package quantity matches the entry in the delivery note or whether there are any defects in the package or its contents. Finally, checking whether the contents ordered in the packages match the descriptions on the labels is an important control aspect of the goods receipt. If the goods have been damaged during transport, often recognizable by compressed or partially torn or parcels that have become damp, these defects must be documented and reported immediately.

Perfectly documented with firstaudit

Already upon delivery, the precise inspection of the delivery notes or packing lists, handover protocols from the freight forwarder to customs documents are part of the mandatory program of incoming goods inspection. The precise recording of all data plays an important role here. Perfectly managed with the firstaudit incoming goods control app plus template: after all, every accompanying document can be easily recorded using the scan function and commented accordingly. The same applies to the documentation of the condition of the goods via the photo function as a perfect visual document, which are valuable additions when creating your own documentation and guarantee a complete handling of the goods process. So that you have your evaluation of the current status quo of the process chain available in real time. Without annoying rework. Every digital form you want can - like the entire question and control catalog - be happy to create and adapt it together with the professional consultants from firstaudit before using the app for the first time: for perfectly organized, paperless, error-free and seamless documentation of the incoming goods inspection via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Without media breaks and easily on your company's ERP system based on SAP or ERP. Of course, also in terms of design, perfectly tailored to your corporate CI with the appropriate coloring and desired logo. Contact us. We are looking forward to our joint project and look forward to you!

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