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Hygiene App: improve QM

The customer is king. It should always be like this. This of course applies to all service areas. Especially in areas where the guest feels like a welcome guest and wants to enjoy the best service in a hygienically perfect environment: in the hotel and catering industry. All the more important are regular quality controls and perfect food hygiene. Mandatory program in hotels and restaurants. Of course, it is also mandatory in bakeries, meat processing companies, in the production of foods of all kinds, in medical hygiene, in drinking water hygiene and wherever hygiene measures are of immense importance. Those who have to pass the official hygiene checks are obliged to carry out regular checks of all relevant criteria. Here, the firstaudit hygiene app ensures casual routine during your check-ups. The entire range of controls perfectly documented, available at all times to everyone involved in the process and also securely archivable. In your firstaudit cloud. What used to be painstakingly made with pens and paper forms and finally sorted into the overfull file cabinet after final inspection and testing is summarized by the mobile firstaudit hygiene app, clearly structured and transparent for all employees who are entrusted with checking and control. With firstaudit you get your digital checklist at hand. On tablet, smartphone and Co. check point by point, tick off and document every shortcoming. On request, with a photo, made with your terminal on site, uploaded by uploading to your digital checklist form and provided with a comment. Because detected defects or maladministration are detected immediately, recorded without errors and can thus be corrected promptly and promptly on the spot by the responsible personnel. Also securely documented, provided with your digital signature. Finish

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  • This is how digital quality management works today. With an intuitive, custom-tailored app that maps all inspection processes and makes hygiene inspection child's play. The system is always customizable and scalable. According to increasing or no longer required requirements. A mobile solution that is easy and intuitive for everyone. The system works offline as well as online. Because a network access is not necessary during the checks. If there is an Internet connection, the completed inspection process is automatically available where the documentation is needed for inspection or further processing: For the restaurateur or hotelier, significantly less effort is required in the office, because when the digital checklist is completed, the data becomes automatically transferred to the in-house IT system and archived immediately. This eliminates the filing into the overfull filing cabinet. Finally, the data can be called up at any time in the system as well as on the test devices such as tablet or smartphone. Everything digital, without any paper.
  • On request, all digital forms can of course also be exported as pdf and sent by e-mail to appropriate addressees. Of course, your data is safe at all times - in the firstaudit cloud system. Saved according to the current standard for data protection, you are on the safe side with firstaudit. First audit. Document clean and transparent. Talk to us, we look forward to you!