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Form software for mobile form management

Modern form management - what is meant by that?

Analog was yesterday. In times of digital transformation, the focus has long been on digital implementation of the workflow. Modern form management is digital and is organized via smartphone or tablet PC. Professional form management is to be understood in the classical sense of structured, digital document management: Using intelligent software, documents can be created, edited and archived in a revision-proof manner. And that's not all: document or form management of the very latest type, such as the firstaudit app for form management, optimizes workflow in the company to a considerable extent.

Form management - how does it work?

Mobile forms can be created without programming knowledge. An uncomplicated process that can be intuitively implemented using intelligent apps and software. Forms can be tailored individually to your own needs with the appropriate questions and tasks. And at any time in case of need be used for the processing and further processing. Simply on your own smartphone or tablet. Firstaudit provides an intelligent way to create mobile forms that works on all mobile devices running Android, Windows or iOS operating systems.

What are the advantages and what can I do with digital form management?

The advantages are above all in the extremely comfortable and rapid handling of organizationally demanding work processes: Using the mobile software for form management, all paper documents and files can be scanned or imported via interfaces from systems such as SAP and ERP as well as inventory management. Using modern, mobile software systems such as the firstaudit form management software, these digital documents are subsequently stored in the desired format, such as Excel, Word or PDF, and automatically stored on the user's central server. All documents and datasets are available again at any time. Findable keywords as well as the full-text search facilitate retrieval and the desired documents can be assigned at any time and made available to all involved in the project via to-do lists for further processing.

What functions are available in form management?

One of the most useful features is the elegant ability to integrate form management into existing infrastructures such as SAP, ERP and inventory management systems. In addition, intelligent, digital folders can be created and assigned to customers, dealers or suppliers as well as to all selected groups of people. The digital implementation of billing and accounting, personnel records, contract management and many other digital processes and workflows are further arguments in favor of modern form and document management. Last but not least, the system is auditable in the sense of the GoBD archivable.

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