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Form app including Form-Generator

reinstil has developed the form software with the integrated app firstaudit, which works on the electronic systems and platforms Android, iOS and Windows and considerably simplifies the workflow in daily business. Known for working with the Microsoft Word and Excel programs, customers can easily create, distribute and manage smartly organized forms and templates in just a few clicks. Fast and professional, everything at a glance.

The clever form software firstaudit contains a variety of functions and also helps in the creation of even extremely complex and extensive forms, step by step: a clear solution in an attractive, clear design. The system can be easily installed on your own web space.

Depending on the input by the user, form areas can be shown or hidden. When creating his firstaudit form, the user will notice how easy it is to organize the template according to his own ideas. No matter how complex the form must be, this is completely individual and according to your own needs. As with Excel, the data recorded in the form can also be evaluated directly. After completion of the job, the finished log can be sent by e-mail and archived in a central database via the intelligent database wizard.

At the same time, the system is always up to date - through independent downloading of regular updates. Likewise independently sent confirmations inform the user about the current status of his work. At any time. Incidentally, without extensive programming, the form solution can also be extended via open interfaces.

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Form app advantage

  • Firstaudit is ideal for creating forms, documents and form projects, including the ability to import your own files - for both the internet and the intranet. The customer receives the desired results of the forms in the form of a clearly structured data table, without having to laboriously edit the lists. Configurable views allow transparent form input at any time. For form access management, there is a role and user concept. For Windows-based form management in a clear design, the customer has the opportunity to use practical virtual tools for access statistics, reporting and archiving.

  • It is often important, for example, to record meter readings on devices and machines or, for example, temperatures using the example of a control tour. For papers, this data was noted and passed to the evaluation after the tour with the form. The software firstaudit can be optionally adapted and then offers the auditor the opportunity to store such sensor data directly at the test point in the device. The recorded sensor data are available a little later for an evaluation. Thus, an individual adaptation of the software is potentially given.

  • It is not always sufficient to mark the arrival at a checkpoint with a "hook". If detailed descriptions are required during the audit, they can be integrated into the protocol at any desired point using the comment function of the software.

  • For a classifying quality assessment, the clever firstaudit app also accesses a scoring tool that uses a simple traffic light system to show how many percent have been achieved in which report. This scoring module allows scoring for answers as well as ratings of answers. That is, quality checks can be considered passed or failed.