Checklist management to keep your apps up to date at all times.

Firstaudit - more than just digital checklist management alone, but a super-strong duo, which even less tech-savvy users can use. For example, the (front-end) app lets you edit checklists and adapt them to your internal workflows. Digital signatures can be easily inserted and creating job views is also a breeze.

Using the platform-independent browser-based checklist management system (backend), you can create audits, reports, and more and more... We have compiled an overview of all the features you can exploit at any time in a single overview.

description of the firstaudit checklist app

  • Templates can be configured via platform-independent browser-based checklist management system (backend)
  • Supported data fields: Yes/no, single choice, multiple choice, text input, advice, comments, photos
  • Data fields can be optional or mandatory
  • Roles and legal system
  • Digital signature/electronic signature

  • Individual assessment options
  • Export of data in CSV, XML or PDF format
  • Data sent by email
  • Support for iOS and Android platforms as well as Windows 10. 
  • Offline ability
  • Multilingualism
  • Individually adaptable to your workflow