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Firstaudit Checklist App for Facility Management

Today, professional facility management encompasses much more than just caretaker work. Facility managers ensure that buildings are optimally managed, outdoor facilities are checked, trades and service providers are supervised, inspections are carried out, safety standards in fire protection and occupational safety are adhered to, and much more.

Smooth processes, efficiency and reliability have high priority. Keeping an eye on everything at all times is a priority task for facility managers. Do nothing twice, but don't forget anything. Be well organised. Individual checklists contribute significantly to this. And firstaudit helps to professionalize these individual checklists in the form of mobile apps. Specially coordinated maintenance apps for buildings and outdoor facilities or rather a digital checklist for house inspections - from the basement to the roof?

We would be happy to install your personal, flexible facility management app with all the essential requirements for you. Use the app to record your facility management activities digitally with minimal administrative effort.

The Facility Management App firstaudit helps you:

  •     Object inspection: Control of buildings and outdoor facilities
  •     Control of services e.g. cleaning of buildings
  •     Control of reconstruction works
  •     Control of fire protection
  •     Examination of occupational health and safety
  •     quality control
  •     Deficiency detection e.g. construction industry
  •     Messages of malfunctions and unsafe situations


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