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Professional documentation system: the firstaudit checklist app

Specifically, digital documentation defines itself as the paperless, electronic compilation of documents using electronic storage media. The stored documents, ie files such as texts, pictures or videos, can be made accessible internally in networks or also publicly on Internet platforms online. The digitization of business processes is making great strides and is initially a mental hurdle for entrepreneurs. But just as well as the intergenerational meanwhile become routine, savvy handling of the Internet, the use of digital solutions for a contemporary, time, resources and thus money-saving operational management can be integrated into the company: The firstaudit software is a modern documentation system for all industries whether it is the small service company or the internationally operating global corporation.

High quality in the documentation

Regardless of whether manufacturing industry or service sector, whether in scientific or regulatory institutions or in the private sector, quality assurance is generally of great importance to the company through a professional documentation system. A high standard of quality can only be achieved and maintained by means of controlling measures. In this context, it makes no difference whether it is about audits or process descriptions. To process all relevant points step by step is the condition for maintaining a correspondingly high quality. With the help of a digital documentation system, this makes sense, structured, time-saving and clear with the digitized firstaudit checklist app. In short, the digital firstaudit checklist app is an intelligent, flexible quality assurance management system that can be used across industries and individually in any industry. The clou: The system can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements at any time, scaled and can be expanded as required.

How does the digital documentation app firstaudit work?

To use and apply the digital documentation app firstaudit means to digitally document in a simple and effective way via the app. By automating processes, you not only save time but also resources and money. Firstaudit helps you systematically increase your productivity: document quickly, easily and effectively directly at the test site and maintain not only comments, texts but also images in your firstaudit app for digital documentation. So you summarize the entire workflow in an app, structure and put together by direct online creation of the testing and documentation procedures and subsequent administration. This makes your documents and information immediately available to authorized employees and their supervisors - through the possibility of immediate forwarding of the documentation in Microsoft Word or as a PDF by e-mail or by filing on the server or the company database. Without paper. Very easily. Use your tablet or smartphone everywhere and on the go and manage everything related to documentation tasks individually, device-independent, available in several different languages, on request by GPS automatically provided with your location data.

Firstaudit: Your intuitive mobile checklist for perfect document management

In just a few steps to your goal: With the intuitive, easy-to-use, digital checklist, you get the perfect instrument for perfect, gapless and error-free document management. With this procedure you work off your checklist on your tablet or smartphone step by step reliably down to the detail. Once the task is done, the document is automatically backed up and stored on a server or central database. By automating this once paper-to-paper and archive-to-archiving process, businesses save valuable, easy, fast, and effective time resources that can be used in other areas of the business. For example, the inspection and testing process or even the audit can be considerably simplified when examining complex areas such as a machine park. Firstaudit's clever mobile documentation system is equipped with a QR code scanner, the operating manuals and product features are simply scanned in and the Documentation can be added. In addition, the user has the opportunity to photograph objects or employees commissioned with order processing via the comment function to provide important information - all in one document. Provided with the digital signature, the log is always traceable assigned.

Top of the page: All the threads in the hand for a complete overview

Administrators can configure the system in such a way that not all employees can access all functions and the software is tailored to the needs of selected teams. When a process is completed, automatic synchronization makes it visible to everyone involved. This also applies to the employee in the branch abroad: After all, the system is available in almost all languages ​​and can be used by any number of users at the same time. An invaluable advantage in terms of time, the tasks in internationally active companies in the branches are similarly tailored and coordinated. Thus, the company management always keeps an eye on the entire process chain. Finally, the master data of the entire staff can be mapped using the mobile firstaudit documentation system - as well as fields of activity, tasks, company objects, products - in other words, all processes: you manage, decide and design. Make mobile. Become digital and optimize your business with first-time audit.

Documentation in different companies. Independent and flexible

Talk to us and let us convince you of the far-reaching functions of the intuitively operated, clearly structured and tailor-made firstaudit checklist app. The ideal documentation system for all segments that demand the highest possible quality, such as the production and processing of food, in health management, or in industry. first audit. Quality assurance first hand.<span style="display: none;"

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