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documentation software: easy document management

The firstaudit documentation software is a multicompatible, flexible, individually adaptable and scalable tool for the automatic documentation of technical components, plants, buildings, defects, tests, maintenance, servicing and controls. The fields of application are as varied as the tasks associated with them – all reliable, easy and quick to process via the clever firstaudit documentation software: Those who work in fire safety, trusts as well as employees in building and real estate management, defect management, metal construction, occupational safety and occupational safety, in Construction management, sports and warehouse management, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical engineering, hospital management and many other segments. 

The firstaudit documentation software manages the maintenance and testing of machines, buildings and technical components as well as the professional control and documentation of defects and operational inventories. The use of the firstaudit documentation software is not limited to the computer at the site or the server: firstaudit is highly flexible and allows the documentation of deficiencies and all other check entries on mobile devices such as tablet, smartphone and co. Thus, all tasks in deal with structured documentation including forms and reports on the road at the test site. Simply enter in the given checklist, add a photo on your tablet or mobile phone and then send it as a finished report by e-mail or messenger to all responsible persons for further processing or assessment. It is not simpler, more structured and time-saving.

Everyone has a mobile phone with them always at hand. Equipped with the firstaudit documentation software, the app for a perfect document management, the user can compile an inspection sheet even unprepared and spontaneously on the construction site or other test benches without having to rework. In just a few minutes, the checklist is completed, photos of any defects are made, voice messages or comments as an audio file are attached, requirements, deadlines and necessary measures are listed and the documentation is completed by digital signature legally secure and waterproof. Completely ready for shipping to all members of the operational team via e-mail or messenger or as a file in the cloud. And of course, the design of the firstaudit documentation software can be individually adapted to the CI of the user and thus implement a uniform, professional performance. Completely paperless and yet legally secure and crystal clear documented.

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