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Documentation App - Paperless Documentation

The documentation of the future. The documentation app firstaudit is an efficient and smart quality assurance tool. With the digital app solution firstaudit, the future is entering the field of digitization of companies. On the smartphone or tablet, the auditor has all the information at a glance. So if you want to or have to be sure that all business processes are always traceable, stable and continuous, you can not avoid regular checks. This everyday routine is child's play with the firstaudit documentation app. Using the multifunctional app, templates, forms, reports and reports can be easily created, ticked off and finally sent to all employees and groups involved in the assignment. Retire your analogue processes - become digital! Of course, with the support of our clever solution for mobile documentation, HR management can be optimized in the simplest way. Record the working hours of your staff and say goodbye to the old hourly protocol in the trash. Access to the central server gives you all the data at a glance. Speaking of data collection: Who has been set to files and paperwork knows about the annoying search for lost notes, slips or even customer orders and bills. Here, too, the clever firstaudit documentation app has a huge lead in terms of time and efficiency: just take a picture and save it in the current report via pdf. So no information is lost and can be found at any time by assigning appropriate keywords again. Finally, you collect all collected data, digital forms, logs and documentation on the central server of your company - or, if you like, in one of our convenient Clous solutions.

Checklists on paper

Review: Quality assurance was a tedious task in times without apps. The examiner or auditor had to run through the company with paper checklists in hand and process them. This process was anything but smart and easy. These times are long gone. Think a step further and optimize the entire process chain of your operation. In the simplest way: with the intuitively operated, clearly structured firstaudit documentation app. Every employee, even at the same time in different teams, can participate in the project with their mobile device and tick off point by point via a digital checklist, which has to be done. Digital protocols make life easier, so mistakes are reduced to a minimum and any recourse claims. locked out. Reworking is avoided because the photo function or the barcode scanner makes it easy to record important information such as operating instructions, operating instructions, sketches for work steps and test points on the object and record them in real time in the log. The same applies to additional comments - just use the comment function of the app and add it to the document. This will provide you with valuable information and instructions right away. Personalize your document with a digital signature and ensure a secure, traceable and up-to-the-minute proof of employment. Finished!

Digital alternative in the documentation

The firstaudit documentation app is the modern digital alternative - paperless, modern and fast. With the app, the quality assurance is very easy. The auditor processes the checklists and photo documentation on his mobile device. The software firstaudit stores the data on the mobile device, for example an iPad, iPhone or Android device, and later transfers it to a central database. The trick: The system works offline. So you can always, no matter where you are, access the app, edit the desired checklist and complete the job on the spot. As soon as the documentation app has access to a Wi-Fi network, the system updates itself automatically - including the backup of all collected data in the cloud or on the central operational database. The time savings for the user are considerable: Practical tests have shown that the use of digital data acquisition and documentation can save up to 75 percent working time. Finally, the manual transmission as well as the filing and corridors in archives fall away. No matter whether you have to document a service report, an accident report, damage reports, risk assessments or documentation on occupational safety, equipment conditions, systems, machines, construction site or in the area of ​​maintenance or other tasks: You optimize with the aid of the firstaudit documentation app the business processe in your business significantly.

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