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Reduce paper with mobile forms

We have all been mobile for a long time. Mobile means: flexible, flexible. Mobile forms are replacing the traditional, old-fashioned paper form. Digitizing forms is today. Digitize your forms and digitalize work orders, checks, inspections, service and maintenance processes. With our firstaudit app you digitize your forms for service management, work orders, visit reports, inspections, surveys, controlling or quality assurance. Available for Android, iOS and Web, for Smartphone, Tablet, and Browser. Paper economy was yesterday. Be mobile. Still today. This saves a lot of time and money.

Create digital forms - reduce paper

Mobile forms can be perfectly adapted to your requirements. The individually created, perfectly tailored to your own needs digitized forms can be easily and simply completed via the firstaudit App. And in the next step, your data and digital forms can be conveniently emailed and managed: The completed and completed mobile forms are automatically sorted in the system of Firstaudit and are thus retrievable at any time. Just browse, select and export to Word or Excel. Of course, self-created workflows with your mobile forms can also be transmitted to databases, internal and external servers or Google Sheets. The firstaudit Cloud solution also secures you perfectly on request.

Step by step to the destination

Create your own digital forms. Very easily. 100 percent flexible design with ridge audit. With the powerful Firstaudit app, you can intuitively and easily design perfect mobile forms and decide for yourself how many components or content your digital form consists of and how the layout should look. Through our selection of widgets, the different blocks can be selected and put together. Each widget stands for one content element: the range of different content types ranges from the e-mail address to the photo function, the barcode scanner to the field for the signature on the touch screen of your device. Everything clearly summarized in a form.

Your Firstaudit app: multifunctional and intelligent

Your application will become an intelligent form through the implementation of rules: The user will only be shown the relevant areas in their mobile form via individually defined rules and irrelevant fields automatically hidden. Digitizing forms leads to a significant increase in efficiency through simplification and bundling of processes. All you have to do in everyday life is to fill out the mobile form via the cleverly designed Firstaudit App. It shows what your smartphone or tablet can do: access the broad portfolio of functions of your mobile device and automate your processes. Automating means making work easier: take photos, record your location easily via GPS, scan barcodes and capture relevant data easily and without extra work. Then close the process with your signature in the digital form already at the scene, so that no reworking is necessary. Finished.

  • Communication via instructions and notifications
    The fusion of field service and office works through perfect teamwork: Teamwork means working hand in hand and informing everyone involved in the process at any time about the status of common tasks. Easy with Firstaudit: set access rights and send instructions to complete your mobile form. The digitized forms can be reduced to individual sections and filled out in advance. Coupled with individual instructions sent to multiple users. These addressees are notified in real time by e-mail and can immediately start filling out the form. How to reach the finish at the same time. No matter where your employees check, check and document.
  • Individual solution for individual requirements
    The scalable Firstaudit app for mobile forms can be individually adapted to your needs. For example, anyone who wants to import data such as product, machine or other customer data to complete the documentation can do so in every step of the digital form process. For example, customer data can be imported so that it can be integrated into the digital document as soon as it is completed. At the end the complete data package can be automatically converted to excel or PDF document with Firstaudit and sent via e-mail to a pre-set recipient group with subject and content already configured in advance. You have no network right now? No problem: the system also works offline. And as soon as there is an internet connection again, the dataset will be sent. And for sure: With Firstaudit we guarantee the encrypted transmission of your valuable data. In doing so, we ensure that your data is processed and stored in a German high-performance data center and that German data protection and data security laws and guidelines are observed.
  • firstaudit - your electronic business card
    Fully personalized, your mobile form will be provided with the opportunity to provide the PDF with your logo in the guise of your corporate identity and to make it a professional electronic business card. So everything is very simple: Click on the app, open the form, fill out, complete, send. Finished. Become digital. Use firstaudit.

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