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Your app for the creation of a digital process and the checklist digitisation

The process

Everyone is talking about it and everyone is asking for it - processes. everything is determined by workflows, everything intersects somehow and is a sequence of steps. What this is all about, and how best to work with you is part of this entry guide.

The management of a business process determines who carries out which task at which time and which resource is used. The most important condition of an entrepreneur is that he knows his processes, makes them understandable and keeps his employees up-to-date. The processes in the company are constantly evolving and have to be adapted to the new requirements. Standardized and flexible. Finally, the entrepreneur has to adapt flexibly, as efficiently and quickly as possible to the changed needs. Processes may include goods, services and other resources. Finally, to achieve the desired result, certain procedural instructions, regulations and other general conditions must be observed. This clearly defines the entire entrepreneurial process: who does what, when and how.

The many different forms and possibilities of the processes can be displayed in a time-saving, efficient and digital way: With the firstaudit app you can create and visualize processes. In the case of process representation, it does not matter whether a particular representation form is desired, the creator has a particular preference or is technically necessary. Each detail counts and can be individually adapted to the specific requirements of the creator: With the firstaudit app for process presentation, the entire process can be visibly and structurally visualised.

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