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Digital test protocols by firstaudit: the digital control app

Whether machines, plants or buildings: Wherever smooth processes are required, regular inspections must be carried out - especially when it comes to safety. The digital test protocols developed by firstaudit can be displayed and used on smartphones and tablets. And it's completely intuitive. Not only do you save a lot of time with the app, you also gain more security: All entries are automatically documented and thus support you digitally and uncomplicatedly in quality improvement and assurance.

Here is an example from the prehistory of the organization of inspection processes: Those who frequently have to deal with complex process sequences in their daily work and at the same time have to check, check and evaluate them regularly will usually struggle with a number of forms. These must then be filed and supplemented again and again - after maintenance or inspection - with more up-to-date papers. Numerous test points must be checked off and documented. However, the procedure for the data acquisition of inspection processes is still not complete: After all, the information entered on the inspection document must be evaluated and then transmitted to a central facility. These steps do not only cost a lot of time, but also material and preparation effort. With firstaudit, the effort of this process chain is reduced to a minimum. All inspection points, work steps and results are integrated into clearly structured digital checklists that are completely tailored to the needs and processes of inspectors and companies and can be conveniently digitally processed, summarized and evaluated. The result is a perfect inspection report: If the inspector omits something, the app reminds him of the omission and thus ensures a complete result. By uploading digital photos taken with the tablet/smartphone camera at the scene of the event, the inspection report can be usefully supplemented. Finally, the report is integrated into the CR via an interface. Fast and uncomplicated. Ready to go. Paper was yesterday. With firstaudit, every inspection becomes a relaxed routine. Firstaudit brings you to your goal. Step by step, point by point. Absolutely safe and error-free. This is how evaluation works today.


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