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Mobile audit of all processes in production and service

In order to check, monitor and optimize the processes in companies, entrepreneurs initiate certification processes. As a result, all activities relevant to the company, including in particular the processes of manufacturing products or materials and services, are closely scrutinized and checked for susceptibility to faults and errors. Within the framework of such process audits, the entire company is put to the test: How well does the company function overall? Are all requirements such as internal regulations, including work and production instructions, and external specifications met by the legislator and customer requirements? If the result shows shortcomings after completion of the process audit, these can be fully identified using the clever, digital firstaudit process audit software and subsequently rectified. It is not unusual for a professional audit to lead to a significant improvement in the overall situation and thus, through increased efficiency and effectiveness of processes, to a valuable advantage in the competition for customers and market share.

Completely digital: Mobile process audit with firstaudit

The process described above requires intensive preparation and a professional instrument for the implementation of all questions relevant to the process audit in the company. A holistic process that requires a whole catalogue of questions, forms and documentation templates. The advantage of the digital software firstaudit over the once tedious paperwork with a jungle of paper forms is obvious: the complete spectrum of certification can be easily operated with the intelligent, mobile, intuitively managed firstaudit app Process Audit via Apple iOS or Google Android-based end devices such as smartphones or tablets. First of all, all important criteria are created using digital checklists and forms, individually adapted to the user's given framework conditions and compiled into a digital catalogue. The building blocks of a classic process audit include the information and documents relating to the planned process audit, the consideration of the regulations determining the process flow with product releases and work instructions. Further parameters are personnel criteria such as working conditions, qualification measures, plants, buildings, machines, maintenance and production result-oriented criteria such as efficiency and effectiveness, from which possible savings and optimization potentials result. Following this chain of consideration, questions are formulated regarding warehouse logistics, goods labelling and the specifications: Questions which are immediately followed by an evaluation in order to obtain an overall result immediately after all test points have been examined. If the result is below the maximum value of 100 percent, corrections are indicated.

mix of app and web

The highlight of the digital solution for intelligent process audit with firstaudit is the clever mix of app and web portal: The pre-planning of the process audit can be conveniently implemented via the web-based firstaudit portal, in particular the creation of standardised question catalogues, which makes the processes and the audited segments comparable. The same applies later for the follow-up of the audits with analysis and final report. The actual audit, however, is carried out on the move, natively by editing digital forms, and in the intelligent firstaudit app, process audit on the smartphone or tablet is seamlessly processed and checked off point by point. By the way, this also works offline, with immediate updating in the database when back online. And, if required, it can be supplemented by scanning barcodes on systems or machines or photos of the test objects using the app's scan and photo function as additional documents: This makes it even easier to locate any defects and to correct them promptly afterwards. At all times, all those involved in this extensive work process are always kept up to date: because all documents and reports are automatically available immediately after completion to the authorised persons determined by the administrator according to the assignment of rights and roles, and adapted to the requirements and competences and special tasks. The same applies to new work orders, associated checklists and audit or maintenance forms for repairs, for example, which are specially tailored to the forthcoming requirement

The firstaudit software covers the entire spectrum of audits

Professional software for individual audits
Firstaudit leaves nothing to be desired and covers all forms of audits. Scalable, adaptable at any time and individual, forms of any kind can be tailored to the required needs. Digital, mobile, efficient.

Highest quality for quality audits
In order to increase the quality of services and products within the company, a quality audit is recommended. With the help of the firstaudit app for quality audits, the possibilities for optimisation can be identified reliably and conveniently. After observation and analysis, missing potentials can be developed, supplemented and implemented in the entire company process.

Professional implementation of HSEQ audits
When it comes to the evaluation of occupational health and safety, safety, quality and environmental aspects in the company, an HSEQ audit is used. The inspector navigates intuitively and easily from point to point with the clever firstaudit app HSEQ Audits and marks all parameters to be inspected on the form specially designed for HSEQ audits. Digital, error-free, fast and immediately available for all those involved in the process.

Structured process audits with first audit
Process audits help companies map all processes in the company and put them to the test in order to be able to remedy any sources of interference, defects and deficits. An effective process audit usually leads to a significant increase in your own competitiveness through more efficient and effective processes.

Promotional product audits with firstaudit
Anyone who buys cheaply buys twice: Quality pays off, and measures such as an effective product audit help to ensure this consistently and to increase it in part. Firstaudit uses intelligent digital checklist management to evaluate the product portfolio in terms of customer expectations and to remedy any errors and defects. The audit is based on all quality indicators that correspond to the reference.

With LPA to the highest operational standard
In the Layered Process Audit, or LPA for short, all the work steps relevant to the company are checked in detail. It is assessed whether all assessed processes are carried out and carried out reliably. A procedure that can be ideally implemented using the firstaudit LPA app with digital forms.

5S audits with first audit
Those who keep their work in order gain an overview and time. In the 5S audit with firstaudit, criteria such as cleanliness, order, security and clarity of the workplaces in the company are under observation: All defects can be recorded, documented and evaluated in real time using the app.

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