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Digital forms

Inspections, maintenance, inspections, control tours, handover protocols. There are many occasions for which special digital forms are required. Digital forms are the ideal solution for an optimal overview. And above all an individual and easy to use one. We offer you the right app for this. firstaudit is the flexible checklist app that can be tailored to the individual needs of individual industries. The highlight: We create your app with an individual icon, logo, name, description and screenshots for the App Store. Of course in look and colour design according to your corporate identity. Your branded app for Android and iOS.

Not only can you easily create digital forms, but you can also add features tailored to your needs. In the desired design: forms from elements that we call widgets. You can add photos, signatures and much more to the digital forms. Import customer data, material stocks or objects to be inspected. Best of all: The app can be easily integrated into your system landscape, for example in CRM, planning or ERP systems. The app is available native for Android, iOS and Web. The browser version is available for Windows. Firstaudit also works offline. All forms are sent immediately as soon as an Internet connection exists. Completed forms can also easily be sent by e-mail, for example as a pdf file with your company logo. Administration is also very simple: users can obtain specific access rights to fill out and manage forms, folders, registrations, instructions, users, databases and credits: This allows parts of the form to be completed in advance and the instruction to be sent to multiple users. These users then receive a notification and can continue filling out the form immediately.

For example, if you are at home in the logistics industry, firstaudit provides professional, clear and extremely time-saving mapping of all logistics management parameters via digital checklists. Complex compliance requirements, such as for the transport of dangerous goods, can be clearly structured and easily captured. It is also child's play to display all facility management requirements. firstaudit provides you with a maintenance app that is individually tailored to your needs. Would you like a digital checklist for house inspections? No problem. From the cellar to the roof, you have everything in view from now on. Do you manage a hotel? firstaudit supports the optimisation of your operational processes with the right app. Whether a room service check, logging of the actual state of the room cleaning or a hygiene checklist for the kitchen - firstaudit also becomes a tailor-made suit here. Online and offline.

Firstaudit drastically optimizes the interaction of mobile teams. Everything is very simple: Use your smartphone or tablet for inspections and documentation tasks. Of course also outside the office. Documentation, checklists, forms and paper safety instructions are history: Integrated into mobile devices à la Smartphone or Tablet, these become an experience in terms of presentation, processing and further processing, speed, convenience, efficiency and security. Would you like to add photos, sketches, drawings or even videos to your test report? Do you want to scan barcodes, enter them and add a signature? No problem. Touch and go - data, scans and photos can easily be merged to any desired section of your verification process at the touch of a button. Step by step, firstaudit guides you through all steps of your process chain. You will receive useful assistance for the respective tasks. The results are automatically integrated into your CRM and your report in real time via an interface. Our software adapts itself individually to your needs. According to your ideas and your CI.


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