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Digital checklist: The jack of all trades among mobile apps

The Mobile Checklist: What is it and how does it work?

Anyone, for example, who has had to do inventory checks or check and maintain machines with the identification of all parameters relevant to them, is aware of the importance of each individual detail. Here great care is required. When entering several different paper forms something is ever forgotten. Not so with digital checklist management: It's about a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, through which entrepreneurs can create individual, customizable to their own needs checklists. Point by point, each and every one of the given mandatory fields is reliably processed and ticked off. Intuitive, safe and easy, relaxed way.

Which areas of application does a digital checklist cover?

The mobile checklist management is probably the most versatile tool for a structured, time and resource saving quality assurance of operational processes. Using a digital checklist, it is possible to efficiently determine in almost every industry which level of user is within the scope of their order, which tasks have yet to be completed, and which operational processes may still need to be optimized. The digital checklist allows the step-by-step checking of every detail, be it maintenance and inspection of machines, audits and certifications, market research, building management, site documentation, the capture of products and quantities or even all work steps in the field of service. For example, the employee of a gastronomy or hotel business can control the drinks and meals required via the app including ordering scenarios or, within the framework of housekeeping, determine which hotel rooms are already fully prepared for the next guests: real-time status determination, thanks to synchronization with the archive of the hotel operational database.

What advantages does the digital checklist offer?

The advantages of modern, mobile checklist management are obvious. Respectively literally in the hands of the user: With its compact mobile
End devices based on Android, iOS or Windows, even complicated operational processes can be documented intuitively, completely and without errors. The checklist is freely adaptable and expandable to changing demands. Creating a checklist is child's play and only takes a few minutes. The new checklist is automatically integrated into the digital checklist management of the app and can be easily assigned via search terms and easily retrieved. The system also works online as well as offline: An advantage, since there is no involuntary break when working on important fields of activity in which high concentration and continuity are required. Being up-to-date at all times is another strength of the system: after all, the app syncs wherever there is online access. At the end of an operation, the log is stored in the central data repository or in the cloud and is therefore available in real time to all other employees and teams involved in the process and authorized by the administrator to access selected functions. This saves time and resources. And of course, costs.

How is a classic process of a process with the help of the app?

First of all, the user creates a checklist tailored to his needs via the intuitive app, names it and assigns it to a specific topic. As part of the preparation of questions to every conceivable detail formulate and provide appropriate response options. Based on this pattern, an excellent basis for the final evaluation can be created, at the end of which statements on optimization requirements can be determined. However, the app can do much more than just capture and complete digital forms. Deficiencies in quality management can also be recorded via the photo function and a voice memo using the app's comment function. These additions are extremely helpful for, for example, the removal and repair of such errors and defects commissioned partners and employees. Another advantage is the effortless capture of even complex content using a barcode scanner: simply record the QR code of the machine or any other object and integrate all key figures and data as well as operating instructions, plans or sketches into the log. Responsibilities and times of processing can be reliably determined and understood using the digital signature. Finally, the report can also be supplemented via ERP or SAP interfaces and sent directly to selected addressees via the app without media breaks in all popular formats such as PDF, Excel and Word. This ensures a smooth process within the framework of maintenance and inspections, audits and all other conceivable processes of quality assurance at all times, transparently and safely. The system is equally suitable for small businesses as well as medium-sized companies and internationally networked global corporations with foreign branches. The digital checklist app from firstaudit is available in almost all languages. Due to the multilingualism and the scalability, the system leaves nothing to be desired and also allows the simultaneous working of all distributed in the most different places in the world teams. The processes of the entire process chain in the company can not be represented and summarized more efficiently.

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