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Risk assessment App, perfect support for occupational safety Digital checklists: Professional inspection and maintenance

Who does not know the paper documents and pens documented testing of machines or equipment. A handwritten, time-consuming process, often followed by the copy of the test records, the delivery of staff and customers or their filing into the countless files stocked archive. These times are finally over. With the digital checklist app from firstaudit, digital checklists and test reports can be created easily and quickly and effortlessly document all processes in the company. And this almost in real time.

Save resources with digital checklists

The significantly reduced effort saves time and money and significantly increases the process flow. Thanks to the entry in the mandatory fields of the digital forms, the digital checklist app from firstaudit documents all the data to be provided without any gaps. After all, the digital checklist app can be completely customized to your needs and applications. Without programming knowledge. And best of all: In addition to the prescribed content standards, photos or video recordings of the test site or the system to be maintained, QR codes, sound or voice recordings and a legally compliant digital signature can be added to complete the documentation.

Integration of external data

Even external files such as manuals or operating instructions can be easily integrated into the protocol of the digital checklist app by firstaudit. Finally, the file can be sent by e-mail to customers and process participants in the desired format, such as Word, Excel or PDF. It does not matter whether it's the operations manager's or departmental's work instructions, the factory employee's checklist, or the auditor's record: using the smart, mobile software solution to create digital checklists from firstaudit, you simplify the work routine at the company and provide a significant time savings. Valuable time resources available to your customers and all other important business tasks.Flexible and individual:

Demand-oriented checklists for all divisions

The digital checklist considerably simplifies your daily work routine: You can control the entire process via your tablet or smartphone, which is based on the Android, Windows or iOS operating systems. Everything well structured, summarized in just one app. And should entrepreneurs drive full steam ahead on an expansion course, your mobile first audit app for digital checklists will accompany you every step of the way. After all, nothing is simpler than creating or modifying new checklists for additional, new or changing company divisions: the mobile checklists app from firstaudit is always flexible and individually customizable, scalable and expandable to the needs of the user. Example: A company expands its machinery with machines and products. The QR code scanner integrated into the software from firstaudit allows you to capture the machine barcode and easily add the type, operating and operating instructions of the new machine to your data log. The same applies to new products added to the product range. Simply complete and record all relevant data and features in the checklist in the corresponding product segment. Finished. It's that simple. And at the end, the entire data set is available to all employees through the automatic synchronization of the app with the central server. Also in the branch abroad: After all, firstaudit offers its clever mobile checklist app in almost all languages. This allows the results of all the teams working in the company and its branches to be combined to efficiently control all company processes. Real time. What more do you want? Contact us. We advise you gladly and look forward to you! 

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Firstaudit offers you a completely individual, flexibly configurable checklist management with automatically generated work protocols. The app can be used on any device, no matter if your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer is based on Android, iOS, Windows or browser. You can also assign roles to determine which employees have which access rights to the software. And the easy usability of Reinstil's multilingual digital checklist app is suitable for employees of all levels of knowledge and of many nationalities. The technical requirements of the app also pose no obstacle for new employees: The content required for familiarization is displayed one after the other. This enables all newcomers to acquire the tools required for the job effortlessly and in the shortest possible time.

Our app for creating digital checklists is equally suitable for small, medium-sized and large companies - no matter what the industry: Thanks to its easy-to-use scalability, additional areas can be easily added and integrated into your mobile inspection system - and thus the entire spectrum of corporate processes can be mapped in our multifunctional, flexible, mobile app for creating digital checklists.