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Defect-Capture App - Record defects professionally

The work processes in large organisations must be controlled and recorded so that they can be carried out in a meaningful and ultimately flawless manner. Any defects can be easily managed online by contractors using a mobile app for quality assurance, defect recording and management and marked in the work processes.

Firstaudit creates and offers an individual, professional, flexible and expandable solution for smartphones, tablets and the like for almost every project. Advantage: Mobile defect recording saves time and money - and enables concentration on the core business. For example, any defects on construction sites, machines and buildings can be recorded and documented directly on a smartphone. In addition, objects can be provided with a QR code. You can create your own questions on defect recording in the defect management portal. With the help of such efficient apps for defect recording, the contractor can record defects absolutely seamlessly, retains a permanent overview of the defect processing, its professional correction and can charge the customer for any service costs incurred separately.


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