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Customer survey app and opinion survey app: targeted customer requests

If sales of goods or sales figures come to a standstill, professionally organised feedback from the relevant target groups can help to quickly get back on track. A marketing instrument of this kind is a survey or customer survey, which depends on the right combination of questions. A targeted customer survey helps you to increase your business success again. Finally, you receive information about the satisfaction and expectations of your customers as well as about the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. firstaudit has developed the customer survey app in order to achieve the desired results in a structured manner and without friction losses. You can then incorporate the results obtained in this digital way directly into further marketing measures. The customer survey app from firstaudit puts you on the road to your strategic marketing success. Of course you can use the Survey App offline.

The firstaudit system is very easy to use and is available for Smartphones, Tablets & Co. based on the Android, Google and iOS operating systems. Quickly and easily installed, you have a wealth of functions at your disposal, such as the server application and updating, storage and archiving of your data in real time. The firstaudit app is a survey app, customer survey app and feedback app in one. The firstaudit customer survey app can be integrated and used in all languages. Offline storage of videos and images in your online questionnaires is possible without any problems, which means that the interview can also be carried out without a network connection if required. If an Internet connection is established again, the immediate synchronization of the survey data collected automatically takes effect: These are then available in real time to everyone involved in the process for further processing and archiving in the existing IT infrastructure. The forms of the survey app can of course also be sent by data transfer via e-mail as pdf files.

Thanks to the integrated quota control function, you can always keep an eye on the survey process as a whole. This means you do not run the risk of conducting too many or even too few interviews. You can also rely on the immediate evaluation of interviewer activities of the multilingual feedback app. With the firstaudit Survey App, you can quickly collect mobile market research and offline data surveys, regardless of whether you have a data connection or not. In offline mode, you can manage your survey list yourself without an Internet connection. When you are online again, you can access the complete portfolio of surveys, statistics and analyses anytime and anywhere.

Firstaudit has designed and optimally adapted its Survey App for use on all mobile devices. With adapted text size and intuitive to use, simple touch screen buttons, survey, analysis and reporting can be conveniently displayed on all end devices such as smartphones or tablets. Let yourself be convinced and carried away by the firstaudit apps for surveys, customer surveys and feedback, which are perfectly tailored to your needs.


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