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Check in. Check out. Checklist. Firstaudit Checklist app for hotels

To satisfy guests requires a lot of organizational talent and appropriate measures of the other. A hotel or restaurant wants to be well run. This also means that almost everything in the background and for the guest is not visible. Every step must be there. Firstaudit supports hoteliers and restaurateurs in optimizing their business processes with the right app. Whether room service check, housekeeping checklist or catering app for the restaurant area - firstaudit creates meaningful software according to your own personal ideas.

With the firstaudit app for hotels and restaurants you summarize all tasks of the management and the internal processes in only one system. And the whole thing is completely digital. No more paperwork, no paper. Instead, you assign individual access rights for relevant tasks to responsible employees. The administrator checks, manages the management, documents the employee. Always up-to-date, everything under control, which is carried out with just one app via smartphone or tablet.

The system is always customizable and scalable. According to increasing or no longer required requirements. Can be implemented without any programming knowledge - we will help you! Simply register, tick off, document any irregularities or deficiencies with a photo or even add a written note or voice note, digitally signed and finally make it available to all involved in the process in real time. This saves time and nerves. Finally, any defects are immediately identified, recorded flawlessly and can be remedied at the site at short notice.

Every hotel or gastro employee works through his tasks step by step via his digital checklist, which is tailored to his individual needs. It is for the actual activity, the completion of the checklist, no online access necessary. If, however, an internet connection is available again, the completed and completely recorded control tour can automatically be called up whenever the documented result is needed for any further processing. This offers all those involved in the process the advantage that much less effort is required for the hotel office. After all, the data is automatically transferred to the internal IT infrastructure or, if desired, the available cloud system, where it is stored. Now any administrator authorized by the administrator can access the desired digital documentation at any time via his mobile device. All digital reports can be sent as PDF or XLS by e-mail to a corresponding selection of recipients. The annoying and paper-pregnant filing in the file shelf is now a thing of the past.

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