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Construction report app by firstaudit: A secure foundation

The construction site is often busy. A lot of work, many people - all with the one goal: to implement the construction project in accordance with the applicable high requirements and individual requirements and tasks properly and on time. As is well known, this sometimes leads to stress situations for the site manager - if it gets stuck again somewhere on the construction site. Poor work can sometimes endanger the entire construction project. And cause unaccounted costs. Abuses that can be reversed relatively quickly.

Digital construction report: safe, complete and stress-free

In order to keep the stress on the construction site as low as possible or even eliminate it altogether, a complete, safe and fast solution for the documentation of all relevant parameters on the construction site is required. With a professional construction report rest, structure and order returns. Predestined for this case is the firstaudit construction report app, a mobile digital app for safe, complete and easy-to-use construction site documentation. During the construction site inspection, the site manager uses the app to effortlessly track not only the progress of the construction work, but also, where possible, any deficiencies that need to be remedied quickly. Because time is money, against default: The complete documentation of the construction site organization ensures that the detected defects can not only be detected promptly, but can also be remedied quickly. In order not to hinder the further course of the construction project. To ensure a smooth construction site management.

Corrective action on the construction site: a breeze with firstaudit

If a work step has not been completed properly, the defect can be documented not only by means of a checklist and an additional note, but also via an additional voice message from the examiner and via a photo on site. All in one. Everything inclusive with the clever system firstaudit. A significant simplification for the staff responsible for the remedy of the defect, as he is informed about the detailed briefing about what needs to be done. According to the digital work instruction also included in the to-do report.

Fit for all mobile devices: the multifunctional construction management firstaudit

The firstaudit construction report app makes it possible - the uncomplicated and above all rapid repair of construction defects, which can easily be documented on any mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet etc. for all common systems such as Android, iOS, Windows or the browser. And the system works even when the user is offline. Once the system regains access to the Internet, the construction report is synchronized with the database or the cloud and stored - and made available to anyone involved in the construction project in real time for review or further processing. A process accelerator for everyday life, which will provide relaxation everywhere. After all, site managers always have their construction diary available with the mobile system. And, moreover, you are always on the safe side: With the aid of the firstaudit building report app, even the smallest details, blueprints and projects can be retrieved legally and at any time according to standard specifications such as HOAI and AHO. Quality, functionality and design make the firstaudit building report app a system that can easily withstand even the most critical exam. An all-inclusive system for recording all projects including all equipment, construction machinery, parts and all tasks to be done.

Withstands every test: the clever digital firstaudit construction site management

You have to submit the results to the building authority? No problem: Nerve-friendly, as documented in a safe and complete manner, the results of the construction survey, provided with the digital signature of the site manager, immediately after filing in the cloud or database as a word, excel or pdf document with all required checklists and documents be fed to the building authority. Simply by e-mail. Clearly structured, structured in a transparent way, defined according to trades and, above all, with all the data and information that goes with them. Including installer certificates and declarations of conformity and all necessary documents. Documents that can withstand the inspection by the building authority at any time. The digital mobile construction site documentation from firstaudit delivers what professional construction site management requires. Contact us. We make sure that your company stands for a perfect, proper and always transparent construction site documentation. For your good reputation.
first audit. We deliver more than virtual infrastructure and software. We stand for the most modern, intelligent checklist management and reliability.

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