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Simple Audit app

Corporate processes are good as long as they withstand defined audit information. Those who would like to work through these easily and securely, point by point, via virtual checklists, are best prepared for an intelligent mobile app. Firstaudit's digital audit app is available for various end devices, e.g. designed for iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android or Windows Tablet and is based on real test procedures and procedures. The digital checklist app defines inspections as well as maintenance and maintenance so flexibly that you can create your own questionnaires at any time.

Flexible planning of quality assurance with audit management software

Many problems, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are home-made, due to a lack of or faulty organization, scheduling and lack of quality assurance skills. With the digital checklist app firstaudit, developed for iOS and Android (smartphones and tablets), specific solutions to these problems can be developed for the audit. On Windows, the system is available as a browser variant.
Using audit software, companies can audit various processes and plan the necessary quality assurance measures in detail. The inspections can be mapped and implemented along ISO and DIN certification. The creation of various tools within the checklist app - from guides to questionnaires - guarantees the smooth running of reporting, which also significantly improves the workflow.

Quality management at the highest level

Internal processes can be planned and executed with tailor-made measures according to the requirements for maintenance and inspection as well as every audit. Detailed questionnaires and audit reports (quality audits according to the ISO standard) enable the internal evaluation of the results and thus a continuous quality check. The reports of the audit consist of the collection of a variety of different data. Among other things, the digital checklist app records sensor data and test results when carrying out checks. In addition, users can create photos or video about the possibility of the photo function of the checklist app, important additional data, which supports the documentation. The consistent documentation contributes significantly to the success of quality management. The recorded data from the audits are first stored in the central database of the mobile app. From there, the data can be forwarded to various other existing software via interfaces integrated into the app. It is also possible to easily integrate checklist data into ERP systems such as SAP. Automatic reports can be exported as CSV, PDF, XML and RTF and sent online via e-mail. The report can be used to address corrective actions on identif

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Extensive functionality for smartphone, tablet and co

  • To increase the effectiveness of audit management in the long term, the firstaudit Audit App already offers a number of tools and features as standard. Timed notifications alert you to pending checks, significantly reducing errors due to missed checks or missed appointments. The digital checklist app also offers the option of marking recurring events and of treating them in the audit report. A scoring module allows the auditor to award points for answers and ratings. The tool enormously supports the user of the checklist and uses the app to assess the quality of the checks based on this information. The resulting assessment is presented clearly in a traffic light system. These tools and other features enable targeted customization of the audit app (e.g., ISO certification) to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Of course, there is also the possibility to conduct surveys via the digital checklist app. The app can be used internationally and can be extended with any language. With the digital audit app firstaudit, audit managers not only save paper forms and lists, but also save time and money. And you always have an overview of all audits, controls and improvements.
  • Firstaudit offers a comprehensive audit platform and maps via digital checklists and QA controls. With the help of the clever app solution, agile order management, company reporting and the administration of various measures can be implemented. The firstaudit software developed by reinstil completes data storage in Germany according to EU-DSGVO and 100 percent encrypted data transmission. In addition, storage on your own servers (on-premise) is possible. Data import and export can be displayed in various formats, including CSV or PDF. In addition, the system acts as a REST interface (API) and can be used as an adapter for third-party systems such as SAP, Dynamics NAV, SharePoint or about
  • The checklist app firstaudit is flexible and individually applicable in almost all sectors, including gastronomy, hotels, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and health, automotive, medical technology, food production, metal processing, aerospace and more. In practice, in addition to quality management with process audits, product audits, 5S, ISO 9001, occupational health and safety with UVV, risk assessments, occupational safety and all aspects of operational safety as well as fire safety with processes such as control of fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems and building inspections among the most requested applications. Furthermore, the app can also handle and manage the hygiene management in the company with HACCP, temperature controls and incoming goods inspections and the complaints, as well as sales checklists for sales and field service.