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Quality assurance - firstaudit Checklist app

Regardless of whether a company manufactures a product or provides services, quality assurance always plays a key role. And good quality can only be assured by controlled measures, be they audits or process descriptions. The paperless quality assurance of firstaudit guarantees a better overview of test orders and their results. Our mobile quality assurance app works with digital checklists and ensures clear inspection procedures and at the same time optimal error documentation. It is essential to process all important points step by step in order to maintain good quality and optimize it in the best case. Our mobile quality assurance apps make the traditional use of paper forms completely superfluous. The firstaudit app for quality assurance in the form of digitalized checklists is a clearly structured and meaningful tool for doing this: paperless quality assurance that can be used individually in any industry. Ideal for all areas where the best possible quality is essential, such as in the production and processing of foodstuffs or in health management. And, of course, not only in these areas.

Paperless quality assurance without programming knowledge

The condition is of course that the quality management carefully develops and plans the quality assurance in the company. An elementary step of this QA plan is the creation of a checklist. Firstaudit uses test objects and checklists that have been created in a special backend, the firstaudit portal. This is possible in various ways. For example, checklists can be entered via browser pages, or better yet, compiled together with the manufacturer.

firstaudit naturally guarantees a direct connection to the backend systems and thus fulfils another important condition: Thanks to the usability of interfaces, test objects can be transferred as CSV files, ERP or SAP systems. Each individual item in these checklists represents an inspection, whereby the inspections are also referred to as quality assurance stations. The checklists themselves are individually tailored to the testing company. In software development, reinetil attached great importance to the fact that firstaudit can be individually adapted or extended, only through configuration: paperless, mobile quality assurance, completely without programming. So nothing can be forgotten and missing information can be added at any time. This is the only way to meet the corresponding requirements within projects and companies. Using checklists and standard sheets, employees can immediately identify defects and detect deviations from the norm. Actual deviations are often only detected if requirements are not met or the customer complains. This is where the quality of firstaudit comes in. Quality begins in the mind. Clever apps include all data and ensure consistent quality.


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