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Mobile test protocols via app

Everywhere where work is done on machinery, equipment or on the construction site, numerous safety precautions have to be taken. Occupational health and safety is clearly defined and requires the utmost concentration from each individual. If something does happen, mistakes in planning or lack of care in mounting or executing protective measures are often the cause. In order to document, avoid and quickly correct errors, regular safety checks are required on machines, on the construction site and in many other areas. For risk analysis, the cleverly designed firstaudit App for risk assessment is now available: a mobile, digital checklist, developed for smartphones, tablets and Co., based on the operating systems Android, iOS and google. This means that all those involved in occupational safety processes are on the safe side. With the aid of these apps, which are perfectly tailored to the respective requirements, it is already possible to assess the hazards and burdens for the employees in the workplace in advance. And the whole thing in an uncomplicated way. Totally paperless.

The firstaudit app for risk assessment works completely digitally and is the perfect mobile support in the analysis of the state of occupational health and safety. The app was developed for all those involved in occupational safety and health, for entrepreneurs, management and security staff, the staff and works council as well as for company doctors. The system is self-explanatory and can be operated intuitively without programming knowledge. When using the app, potential threats can be discussed and finally assessed in each area, mobile and on-site, during the commission or in dialogue with the employees: All checkpoints in the area of ​​technical, organizational and personal risk factors are displayed in digital form on the touchscreen of the terminal checked, answered questions and recorded any deviations and documented by means of appropriate comments. It goes without saying that the technical regulations, regulations, regulations for accident prevention and regulations relevant to safety can be included in the app for comparison purposes. The trick: defects can even be documented with a photo, made with a smartphone or tablet, and uploaded to the current digital test report and provided with a comment. Thus, on-site emergency measures to remedy the defect can be initiated and also documented. Everything almost in real time. Because the app works off-line as well as online: You can then run the list on the walk without Internet access and deliver the data by email to all involved in the implementation of the measure by email as a PDF file once you are back online , This saves time, nerves and finally money.

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  • If the logger is authorized for several companies, the user of the firstaudit App for risk assessment has a list for selecting the required clients. Thus, the selected companies have a comprehensive documentation at hand, can be assigned to all possible sources of danger and assess. If, for example, external security specialists, company doctors or auditors are allowed to access the documentation via the app in individual cases, this group of persons may be granted limited access for a limited period of time. This is an advantage as it can significantly shorten and simplify the process. Put us to the test and challenge us - we look forward to seeing you!