Create your own checklists! Quickly create templates for inspections, maintenance, reports, and audits. Effortlessly. With no programming knowledge needed. Publish these on a range of different tablets and devices.

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A digital checklist app for all industries, flexible to use

Digital checklists – super easy

With firstaudit, you can create checklists for inspections, maintenance, maintenance checks, logs, surveys and more ... The checklist app can be flexibly transferred and used whatever your industry. All of which effortlessly. Paperless!

With no programming knowledge needed

The firstaudit portal allows you to create your checklists, audits and forms in the web browser easily and quickly without any programming knowledge. These checklists can be assigned to the various tablets via the order management function. Whether it is iOS, Android or Windows, mixed platforms and devices are possible.

Swift assessment and export

All the information you enter into the checklist app can be comprehensively evaluated in our firstaudit portal or transferred to your own system and business processes. This allows you to export to standard formats and evaluate your data immediately.

This is how you benefit from firstaudit

  • Easy configuration of templates
  • Native iOS, Android and Windows App
  • For inspection, maintenance, checking, monitoring
  • Individual assessments
  • Audit software with certified security data
  • Export in standard format